Friday, 2 December 2011

Pierre, the little man Pirre :)

"When we first found Pirre, he was in a terrible condition, with a heavy flea and tick infestation. He was very thin, and he was freezing. His body temperature was below normal. Even in this condition he was a dog of good spirits"

In October several students contacted us regarding a dog roaming around the Large Animal Clinic of our University, outside the city. Caroline and Anouska went out to take a look. He was in a terrible condition. They decided to take him in under our care.

Pirre, when he was found.
His fur was tangled and covered in dirt and fleas.

It turned out that Pirre also was infected with Babesia. Babesia is a parasite that affects the blood cells, destroying them, causing severe illness. Pirre needed intensive care for nine whole days before he got better.

Pirre recovering from babesia

Pirre finally got better, and turned out to be a great pumi boy.
He is now adopted by our own Caroline and her beautiful family in Norway

Pirre together with Caroline