Sunday, 16 January 2011

Samuel is visiting

Samuel is an older man with a skin condition, so we have to take him to a specialist next week, this is the reason he is now visiting with me and my two girls for a couple of days.

Here is a photo from when he first arrived to our friend in Heves.

Samuel got a bath yesterday, but still smells like kennel, poor thing, so we need to take him to a hairdresser who can treat his fur and skin gently.

He has walked around the apartment and sniffed everything possible to sniff, and is now content with chewing a bone he found.
It is pretty dark already, so the pictures are not the best, I better take some more tomorrow that we can update his profile on the homepage with.
Samuel is a careful old gentleman, and does not trust everybody he meets, and he makes people feel very good about themselves when he shows you that he trusts you.

He has taken a few breaks in his sniffing to come over to me and lick my hand, before walking around sniffing again :)
Samuel LOVES food! So the food is now on a higher shelf than normal, lucky for me he is too little to even try to jump up on anything, and he seems to lazy and grown up to bother really ;)

Samuel needs a fosterhome really soon and he is also up for adoption :)

Maud Kristine Heier

Monday, 10 January 2011

Matilda, the strong one

Our newest addition got her name, Matilda, because it means; powerful in battle.

Matilda was rescued by our friend in Heves after she got several phone calls regarding this thin puli who was walking around town begging for food. She got food from the local police station and in front of a warehouse.
When she was rescued she was sitting in the winter wind , shivering like a leaf in the in front of a "Spar" shop. Matilda was not able or willing to move, she seemed like she had given up completely.

Matilda is so skinny, that even through her long fur, you can easily see her spine.
Her fur was in such an awful condition that we had to cut it of at once, we could not let her have all that filth any longer and the fur was so twisted together that it hurt her when she streched her feet.

Matilda seems to be quite young, about 1.5-2 years old. We can not believe that someone has left this sweet, young, trusting girl out in the cold all winter to fend for herself.

Matilda is still in Heves with our friend there, and she tells us that Matilda is so tired that she has hardly moved at all since she took her in. She seems very grateful to be in a safe and warm environment where she gets food served to her and is not something she has to beg for anymore.

She is full of flees at the moment, and Matilda will get a thorough check at the veterenarians office with bloodtests and everything else the veterinarian feels is neccesary.

Matilda will also need an appointment with a very kind hairdresser that we use to get her skin and fur back to normal . She is good with scared dogs, and knows what they need :)

We look forward to get to know her better, and we are sure she will be a joy to know!
Matilda needs a fosterhome with understanding of what she has been through and also ready for when the real Puli shines through, which will happen when she feels more secure :)

Maud Kristine Heier