Sunday, 16 January 2011

Samuel is visiting

Samuel is an older man with a skin condition, so we have to take him to a specialist next week, this is the reason he is now visiting with me and my two girls for a couple of days.

Here is a photo from when he first arrived to our friend in Heves.

Samuel got a bath yesterday, but still smells like kennel, poor thing, so we need to take him to a hairdresser who can treat his fur and skin gently.

He has walked around the apartment and sniffed everything possible to sniff, and is now content with chewing a bone he found.
It is pretty dark already, so the pictures are not the best, I better take some more tomorrow that we can update his profile on the homepage with.
Samuel is a careful old gentleman, and does not trust everybody he meets, and he makes people feel very good about themselves when he shows you that he trusts you.

He has taken a few breaks in his sniffing to come over to me and lick my hand, before walking around sniffing again :)
Samuel LOVES food! So the food is now on a higher shelf than normal, lucky for me he is too little to even try to jump up on anything, and he seems to lazy and grown up to bother really ;)

Samuel needs a fosterhome really soon and he is also up for adoption :)

Maud Kristine Heier

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