Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Dogs - Old Dogs



Adam (reluctant to show his face!!)

Dogs come into our care for many different reasons. Our newest additions are Alex and Adam, plus Bobby is back after abit of a bothersome process.

Alex is from the kennels where we board our dogs for holidays etc. He was handed in by his owner for boarding months ago and the owner never returned to collect him. Alex is a beautiful, calm german sheperd male, aprox 2 years old.

Adam was found by a Hungarian couple on the motorway and he was almost hit by cars several times. They managed to save him and drove him to our kennels where he is now staying and needs a fosterhome if we do not locate his owners. We don`t know much about him yet - he is a wirehaired young boy, probably 1-2 years old, very skinny but friendly with lots of happy energy :)

Bobby was returned to us after Christmas. His Hungarian adopters who had so desperately wanted to keep him changed their minds quickly when Bobby proved himself an escape-artist (which was the reason he came to them in the first place - he ran away from kennels 2 days after arriving and wandered into their house - so one might say it was a "given") and also abit of a player with the neighbourhood ladies. Bobby is a typical "too smart for his own good sometimes" kinda dog- climbing the 3 m fence at kennels, hanging on to the wires while chewing a hole in the roof and popping through it. Not a task easily completed by any standard!? He is sorely looking for a fosterhome because he obiously will do anything to avoid kenneling. Bobby is quite a big boy. Very happy and loving but we need to channel his energy abit. He`s one of those dogs who has been left to his own devices his entire life and has created an idea in his head about how life should be lived. We just need to persuade him that "teamwork" actually isn`t too bad a concept ;)

A welcomed addition!

Last week I was contacted by the Internal med. department at uni regarding a big female they had found. They were looking for the owner but wondered if we could take her on meantime and if the owner was not found, could we take her permanently. Colm, being a fan of the big doggies, went and collected her and took her home. He named her Mia.
A week or so later the uni told me that they had infact located the owner but they were not interested in getting the dog back, so Mia-the-great is now officially a Budadog. She will remain in fostering with Colm and isn`t she a beauty? :)) With some TLC and a good bath this gentle giant is going to sparkle :)

Friday, 22 January 2010

New Illatos dogs on the block: Rio and Jolene

Jolene - fresh out of Illatos


Scouting through the illatos website I found a female that had been there since November. Her description was "sweet, kissing, sad". Seeing as Catherine had contacted me about fostering a "big, calm female" we thought it was the perfect oportunity to visit the "aromatic street" - illatos ut - and collect the female who Catherine has named "Jolene".

The girls headed off with doggie`s details and in addition to taking Jolene we asked which other dogs time was running out. They presented 3 dogs but we could only take one in addition to Jolene due to regulations so the little man "Rio" came along. He had been at illatos since early November and apparantly he was "unadoptable" due to his manic behaviour whenever someone put a leash on him. This, it seems, was going to be his down-fall.

Rio is a young ish (1-2 years) medium sized Border Collie mix and now that he is in our apartment it is obvious that this is a highly intelligent little man! Rio is going to be a super-dog in the right hands for someone who loves the quick, sharp eagerness of a little sheepdog. All he needs are some boundaries and I think the only reason why he hasn`t let himself be walked on a leash is because he never trusted anyone who has attempted to leash him. This we shall remedy quite swiftly ;)

Jolene is a beautiful, majestic and loving female who also arrived to Illatos in November with a litter of 12 puppies. She is aprox 5 years old and just the sweetest thing.

As mentioned, Jolene already has a fosterhome but we are looking for a fosterhome for Rio.

Kasper homeward bound :)

Our beautiful gentle giant, Kasper, who was found in a parking lot outside Illatos has finally travelled to Norway and his new family today! We would like to thank his fostermum(s) for doing such an amazing job with him and all contributing to building his confidence and preparing him for his final destination!

★★Great job, girls!! ★★

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The arrival of Smugle pups!

J.D - thoroughly happy the flight is over!

Zoè (left)and Snowflake

Wanna get outta here?

3 puppies confiscated by the Police in Kristiansand, Norway arrived yesterday from Oslo to us in Budapest with Lily, there are 2 maltese and a pug. We named the female maltese pup Zoè, the male Snowflake and the puglet apropriately - J.D(cuz he looks like him;).

Zoè and J.D are in good form although J.D is underweight for a puglet. They are so young poor babies, between 2 and 3 months old. Snowflake is not well and is undergoing medical treatment. He is only half the size of Zoè and there seems to be a defect with his jaw and possibly airways. We will know more soon, but hopefully it is not serious.

The pups will remain in our care for 6 months, undergoing all the necessary vaccinations and bloodtesting and will be adopted to Norway in a proper fashion. It is such an ordeal that dogsmuglers put these dogs through; to breed and transport them illegally at such a young age. Then the dogs are confiscated by the authorities and put in kennels and the only other option to us taking them is to put them to sleep. It is such a tragedy and so unbelievably heartless of the people involved in this dirty business.

J.D and Snowflake have gone into fostering, but we are still looking for a fosterhome for Zoè. She is an outgoing, happy, beautiful young maltese baby.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Update on fostering for next semester!

We will be rescuing more dogs through the next months obviously, but for now here is the current list of dogs "in need" of you! :

1) Of the newcomers who will be arriving shortly, the dogs currently in need of fosterhomes are:

(see previous post)

Of previous dogs Tommy(see previous post) and Kaia both need fostering!

Kaia has grown alot and is a beautiful little lady who really needs a home enviroment. She was adopted by a Hungarian who saw her at kennels after boarding his own dog there but for some peculiar reason he has not collected either dog!!(?) So it seems that rather than adopt away a dog it is more likely we will probably gain a dog in his own that he never collected (a german sheperd male- very sweet natured).

Additionally I was contacted by the University small animal clinic last week regarding a year old female german sheperd with chronic diarrhoea whos owner was unable to pay for her treatment. I was asked to take her on and said yes of course, so she will be needing fostering once she is better. As of now I have little information and have not had time to go and see her in the clinic due to exams, but will have more information shortly :)

SO, to sum it all up!

Dogs in need of fostering asap:
Tommy (tuesday 19th)
Kaia (tuesday 19th)

Dogs arriving shortly (date not specified yet):
G.Sheperd female from clinic (after monday 18th most likely)

Pheew... ok, back to the books ;)

Tommy needs a fosterhome!

Our little shortlegged Prince, Tommy, sorely needs a fosterhome!! He is a middle aged boy, aprox 6 years old, small of stature. He has been in kennels since early december and we really want to get him back into a home enviroment. He is a sweet dog - calm indoors, playful with other dogs and just a lovely little man!

New arrivals!

On Monday the 18th 3 new smugle pups will be arriving into our care - a pug and 2 maltese puppies all aprox 3 months old. As previously, they were brought to Norway illegally by Hungarian dogs smugles and were going to be euthanised, but we made the same agreement as last time - Budadogs will take over the responsibility for the puppies in Hungary.

We have fosterhomes for all three, but are looking for someone to take the Puglet from the 18th until the 5th of february (when the new fosterhome can take him). If you would be able to look after the little chap for this period, please let us know :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

New arrivals!

The following are our first newcomers this year and all of them are looking for fosterhomes for the upcoming semester in Budapest:

Mona is a 4 year old female Kuvasz who was rescued in december. She is an extremely sweet, calm and soulful girl who would not hurt a fly. Mona is a quiet, doting, beautiful "gentle giant".

Jenna is a female mix, medium size and aprox 2 years old. She is extremely devoted, trainable and loves cuddles. She gets on well with other dogs, but doesn`t like cats.


Alice and Dorthe
Alice is a 1-2 year old small-medium sized (aprox 12 kg) female mix. She is the mother of Oscar and Dorthe. Dorthe is aprox 7 months old and somewhat longer limbed than her mother so far, but same weight (12 kg). It is thought that Dorthe and Oscar`s father might be a yorkie because the neighbour of the garden they were staying in had several yorkshire terriers who ran loose. The 3 dogs were abandoned in a garden in a village 2 hours outside Bp and were left to their own devices for 6 months, being fed by neighbours. Eventually the dog catcher was called to collect and euthanise them but because he had not been payed recently by the government he refused to come. Meanwhile Dorthe ran onto the street and was hit by a car and the dogs were brought to our attention. They were rescued by a local organisation. We took Oscar before christmas, the females were neutered and Dorthe was taken care of medically after her accident which thankfully was not severe. Both females will now be coming to us. They are relatively small in size and very sweet-natured and calm girls :)

Betty is a funny little female dachshound mix, aprox 1.5 years old. She was found on the cold winter streets with a litter of 6 puppies in a village and taken in by a local organisation in November.

Minnie is a 3-4 year old sheperd/lab mix female. She has not had a good start to her life. Although rescued years ago by an organisation there has been no interest in adopting her here in Hungary. She has been staying in a yard area and fed daily, but is in desperate need of some one-on-one contact and love. Minnie is a kind girl, somewhat weary of new situations (quite understandably) and we hope that in fostering she will get the stability she sorely deserves. Minnie is an extremely agile and highly trainable dog. She does not like cats.

Jazz is a gorgeous female Siberian Husky mix, aprox 6 months old and weighing in at 19 kg`s. She was named "Sumo" by the organisation who rescued her due to her monstrous size compared to her "littermates"! She was thrown into the yard of a woman who was fostering a small litter at the time, and has grown up with them. Jazz is an outgoing pup and very responsive (ie. trainable!) In the right hands this girl is going to be a little starlet! :)) She doesn`t bark much but howls like a husky :)

Mille is a 6 month old small beagle mix. She is a very friendly, outgoing and happy little girl who loves other dogs and cats. She was rescued with her sister and brother 3 months ago and has been staying in an open fascility with several dogs and cats. Mille is playful and just a happy-go-lucky type of girl :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fostering spring 2010!

As expected we have recieved some new additions over the season; Christmas is always a troubled time for homeless pets. We also have dogs who need new fosterparents that are currently in kennels.

Anyone interested in fostering for the next semester in Budapest please let us know and we can find a suitable Budadoggie for you to enter springtime with :))

All the best!

Back to Buda!2010

Hi everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

and I returned to Budapest 03.01 and hectic times continue. We have had 30 dogs in kennels and x amount in care over the holiday season amounting to 48 in total. I would really like to thank everyone who volunteered to take dogs over the vacation! It has truly been a great help and the amount of dogs has been huge with twice as many dogs as last year and we could not have done it without the great help and hard work of our volunteers! A special thanks to Nora who, as always, is a star! She is doing a great job at also finding new homes in Hungary for our dogs and her Hungarian language skills are invaluable! Additionally she has adopted one dog, is fostering one dog and looked after 3 dogs over the holidays!

Now we have quite abit of work ahead of us with taking dogs from kennels and back to their respective fostercarers. The dogs have coped very well. Puppies have been living indoors with the kennel owners familiy and pets. Doggie friends have been staying together in pens and "special-care" doggies, feks Andrè-the-greyhound, has been living in a heated indoor room due to his leg and also his breed being predisposed to hypothermia(someone`s been studying their animal breeding ;p).

Baba travelled to Norway before Christmas and has been staying with Eve. He is going to his new familiy in February. Sebastian finally arrived to his new familiy in December and is living it up on the Norwegian west-coast with his new best friend, Quizz the Ridgeback.

We also have several dogs that are only weeks away from going to their final destinations which is very exciting. :)

All this in mind we still have exams until February 5th so time is of the essence, as usual.

We are looking forward to a prosperous Budadog year with as many rescues as we can possibly manage!