Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Dogs - Old Dogs



Adam (reluctant to show his face!!)

Dogs come into our care for many different reasons. Our newest additions are Alex and Adam, plus Bobby is back after abit of a bothersome process.

Alex is from the kennels where we board our dogs for holidays etc. He was handed in by his owner for boarding months ago and the owner never returned to collect him. Alex is a beautiful, calm german sheperd male, aprox 2 years old.

Adam was found by a Hungarian couple on the motorway and he was almost hit by cars several times. They managed to save him and drove him to our kennels where he is now staying and needs a fosterhome if we do not locate his owners. We don`t know much about him yet - he is a wirehaired young boy, probably 1-2 years old, very skinny but friendly with lots of happy energy :)

Bobby was returned to us after Christmas. His Hungarian adopters who had so desperately wanted to keep him changed their minds quickly when Bobby proved himself an escape-artist (which was the reason he came to them in the first place - he ran away from kennels 2 days after arriving and wandered into their house - so one might say it was a "given") and also abit of a player with the neighbourhood ladies. Bobby is a typical "too smart for his own good sometimes" kinda dog- climbing the 3 m fence at kennels, hanging on to the wires while chewing a hole in the roof and popping through it. Not a task easily completed by any standard!? He is sorely looking for a fosterhome because he obiously will do anything to avoid kenneling. Bobby is quite a big boy. Very happy and loving but we need to channel his energy abit. He`s one of those dogs who has been left to his own devices his entire life and has created an idea in his head about how life should be lived. We just need to persuade him that "teamwork" actually isn`t too bad a concept ;)

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