Friday, 22 January 2010

New Illatos dogs on the block: Rio and Jolene

Jolene - fresh out of Illatos


Scouting through the illatos website I found a female that had been there since November. Her description was "sweet, kissing, sad". Seeing as Catherine had contacted me about fostering a "big, calm female" we thought it was the perfect oportunity to visit the "aromatic street" - illatos ut - and collect the female who Catherine has named "Jolene".

The girls headed off with doggie`s details and in addition to taking Jolene we asked which other dogs time was running out. They presented 3 dogs but we could only take one in addition to Jolene due to regulations so the little man "Rio" came along. He had been at illatos since early November and apparantly he was "unadoptable" due to his manic behaviour whenever someone put a leash on him. This, it seems, was going to be his down-fall.

Rio is a young ish (1-2 years) medium sized Border Collie mix and now that he is in our apartment it is obvious that this is a highly intelligent little man! Rio is going to be a super-dog in the right hands for someone who loves the quick, sharp eagerness of a little sheepdog. All he needs are some boundaries and I think the only reason why he hasn`t let himself be walked on a leash is because he never trusted anyone who has attempted to leash him. This we shall remedy quite swiftly ;)

Jolene is a beautiful, majestic and loving female who also arrived to Illatos in November with a litter of 12 puppies. She is aprox 5 years old and just the sweetest thing.

As mentioned, Jolene already has a fosterhome but we are looking for a fosterhome for Rio.

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