Sunday, 10 January 2010

New arrivals!

The following are our first newcomers this year and all of them are looking for fosterhomes for the upcoming semester in Budapest:

Mona is a 4 year old female Kuvasz who was rescued in december. She is an extremely sweet, calm and soulful girl who would not hurt a fly. Mona is a quiet, doting, beautiful "gentle giant".

Jenna is a female mix, medium size and aprox 2 years old. She is extremely devoted, trainable and loves cuddles. She gets on well with other dogs, but doesn`t like cats.


Alice and Dorthe
Alice is a 1-2 year old small-medium sized (aprox 12 kg) female mix. She is the mother of Oscar and Dorthe. Dorthe is aprox 7 months old and somewhat longer limbed than her mother so far, but same weight (12 kg). It is thought that Dorthe and Oscar`s father might be a yorkie because the neighbour of the garden they were staying in had several yorkshire terriers who ran loose. The 3 dogs were abandoned in a garden in a village 2 hours outside Bp and were left to their own devices for 6 months, being fed by neighbours. Eventually the dog catcher was called to collect and euthanise them but because he had not been payed recently by the government he refused to come. Meanwhile Dorthe ran onto the street and was hit by a car and the dogs were brought to our attention. They were rescued by a local organisation. We took Oscar before christmas, the females were neutered and Dorthe was taken care of medically after her accident which thankfully was not severe. Both females will now be coming to us. They are relatively small in size and very sweet-natured and calm girls :)

Betty is a funny little female dachshound mix, aprox 1.5 years old. She was found on the cold winter streets with a litter of 6 puppies in a village and taken in by a local organisation in November.

Minnie is a 3-4 year old sheperd/lab mix female. She has not had a good start to her life. Although rescued years ago by an organisation there has been no interest in adopting her here in Hungary. She has been staying in a yard area and fed daily, but is in desperate need of some one-on-one contact and love. Minnie is a kind girl, somewhat weary of new situations (quite understandably) and we hope that in fostering she will get the stability she sorely deserves. Minnie is an extremely agile and highly trainable dog. She does not like cats.

Jazz is a gorgeous female Siberian Husky mix, aprox 6 months old and weighing in at 19 kg`s. She was named "Sumo" by the organisation who rescued her due to her monstrous size compared to her "littermates"! She was thrown into the yard of a woman who was fostering a small litter at the time, and has grown up with them. Jazz is an outgoing pup and very responsive (ie. trainable!) In the right hands this girl is going to be a little starlet! :)) She doesn`t bark much but howls like a husky :)

Mille is a 6 month old small beagle mix. She is a very friendly, outgoing and happy little girl who loves other dogs and cats. She was rescued with her sister and brother 3 months ago and has been staying in an open fascility with several dogs and cats. Mille is playful and just a happy-go-lucky type of girl :)

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