Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lila - our newest arrival

Lila came to us a few days ago, emaciated and scared. She went into fostering two days ago with Kenneth, Rachel and their adopted Budadog Mya and they have already decided to adopt her :) Congratulations to Lila for nailing such lovely parents and we wish them all the best!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Emil needs a fosterhome

Emil is a 1-2 year old cuddly little short-legged mix. (The darker of the two in the photo`s) He is affectionate and loves to snuggle and also gets on great with other dogs :) He was rescued before christmas by our friend Z who got a phone call from the police regarding 5 strays running dangerously close to a busy road. She travelled there in the middle of the night on her own and managed to rescue all 5 of them! Emil hates the kennels and really needs a nice loving fosterhome now because he just loves human company!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fosterdogs New

Gemma - 1-2 year old female setter mix rescued from a shelter because she was in such a terrible condition. Also for adoption

Barney - 6-8 month old male mix, medium size. Wandered into a garden and decided to stay :) Also for adoption

Please follow the links below to see our dogs in need of fostering:




Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The tough times

I must admit, I like writing and talking about the good stuff. The happy endings and sunshine stories because they are, I believe, what counts in the end. But doing what we do it only feels right that we also tell the sad stories. The ones that hurt us and leave us angry and crying in what feels like a void of hopelesness. We might not tell the stories in the most graphic terms, but sugar-coated just enough so that it is possible to swallow for those who might not necessarily want to naively rescue the canine world one doomed dog at the time, but still want to know what actually goes on in this sick and twisted world of animal cruelty. Because all the beautiful dogs on this blog; the shiny photo`s of blissfull canines on their soft and pastell cushions and all our doggies in the wonderful fostering and adoptive homes out there - they are all a result of the bad stuff... and a result of the sick and twisted.

Last week was a sad week. The type that comes around every so often without warning and just turns everything into sadness, hopelesness and an unwillingness to believe that anything can ever truly change...

We recieved an email from Z regarding a small dog and two tiny puppies that had been thrown out of a passing car into the ditch about two hours outside Budapest.
The organisation we cooperate with is several hours from the site and could not go to collect them that evening. They contacted the local shelter in the area and asked if they were willing to go and collect the poor souls, but they, for some reason, would not....
The day after Z went to collect the dogs. she drove for 1.5 hour and arrived at noon to the area where they had last been observed. And there was a dog, sure enough. But it was only the female - the puppies were nowhere to be seen. Only the female was not happy to see her rescuer, nor shying away at the aproach of someone unknown. She did not have to be coaxed with soft words or tempted with treats... She was lying on the ground, lifeless, gasping for breath with a bullet-hole through her abdomen...

Z rushed her to the vet who performed emergency surgery but the bullet had lacerated her spleen and liver and the poor, darling little girl died that same day....

Who can deliver such cruelty? Who takes it upon themselves to end a life in such a way? Who shoots a lactating, homeless and frightened female - not mercifully in the head but in the belly - leaving her bleeding and gasping for breath... and then walks off? With a smirk? Or in anger? Yes, people suffer. I am not naive. And they take it out on eachother. Their spouses. Their children. Their friends, their community and themselves. There is so much suffering in the world. So much torment. And at the bottom of all of this are our animal companions. Blissfully unaware of the pain this world experiences and always there to take the blow whenever someone feels like delivering one.

R.I.P dear Leona - which would have been your name had you only arrived to us safely....


We have a new addition to the "pack" - 6 week old caucasian ovcharka female Isobel (her official name. Her nickname is "Sonny" due to her obvious feminine and lady-like characteristics).

Isobel was rescued by medicine student Lucia on one of budapest`s Islands. We look forward to seeing how this "little" girl evolves and what kind of destruction she brings with her as she grows--- and grows--- and grows... :)

Puglet all grown up!?

Kingsley - the artist formerly known as J.D. is growing fast. Not long ago he was a skinny little Smugle Puglet, illegally smuggled into Norway from Hungary and only days from being put to sleep by the norwegian authorities due import rules. He arrived back in Budapest with Ditt Dyr magazine`s Lily kalvø, non the wiser really, happy to have a warm lap and someone to cover with wet little Puglet kisses. Now in the loving arms of fostermum Christine he is growing into something of a gentleman it seems :)

"Kingsley may be quite the little man in the house but is not shy about his overpowering personality! He's growing at a very steady rate, getting bigger by the day. He enjoys playing with my dogs, with dogs at the park, and also alone - he can entertain himself for hours! Kingsley is such a smart puppy - learning commands very quickly and within hours with a lot of hard work and repetition. Right now he answers very quickly to his name, and can sit, high-five, fetch, and speak on command. He sits nicely for treats after coming in for a walk and understands that he is not supposed to jump up when he receives his treat. He does very well on a leash when he is by himself but gets a bit playful when he is in a group of dogs walking with him. :) He is nearly house-trained, and will oftentimes use puppy pads while he is inside the home or left alone. Kingsley is a very alert, inquisitive, courageous, and an incredibly adorable guy! (Not to mention that he is quite the trouble-maker when he steals shoes & socks and runs when he is caught!) He has won over the hearts of many people, and would easily adapt into any home."

NB! Kingsley is for adoption, I just have had trouble uploading his photo onto the website for some reason :)

Kingsley! May you continue to bring smiles and joy with your flat little face and big, sloppy tongue! Ur my favourite Puglet!