Sunday, 28 February 2010

Finally Bobby got a fosterhome :)

Many dogs have gone into fostering and Bobby is very happy after his turbulent affair at kennels. He ran away before christmas and we finally located him at a Hungarian couple who refused to give him up. After agreeing that they were, infact, a suitable home for Bobby we let them keep him. 3 weeks later we were contacted and told that Bobby was not going to be a part of their family after all and if we did not take him back they would give him to a shelter. Obviously we told them to give him back straight away - and back to kennel it was for poor Bobby. Now, however, he has go a great trio of fosterparents and we (and Bobby I am sure) are delighted!:)

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

photo shoot

We had a photo shoot at the school grounds for doggies Scout, Tarzan, Dexie and Rupert being profiled in the Norwegian animal magazine "Ditt Dyr"( "Your Animal") in January and here are some of the pics :) (The magazine is out in March)

Monday, 22 February 2010

New arrival - Lexi

Lexi is a female viszla/lab mix who has been living in horrible conditions. Her owner died and the police were going to have her euthanized but we have agreed to take her on and she will be arriving on saturday. Dispite of having had such a sad existence in her little shed, she is apparantly a really lovely, tender girl who loves cuddles. We need a fosterhome for Lexi. If you would like to foster her, email

Foster - dogs

We have many new dogs for this semester and several that need fostering so anyone interested please email me :)

Molly - 6 month old female, stocky, powerful girl. Adorable, funny, happy and playful. Loves other dogs.

Bobby - is a male medium/big Puli mix. He is really happy, loving and cool - abit difficult with other males. 3 years.

Axel - is a big german sheperd. Very loving, energetic. Needs someone who has experience.

Lita - is a small fox-terrier mix female. Very intelligent and calm. 2 years.

Luna - is a setter mix female. Very calm, grateful, sweet natured girl. 4 years.

Chilli - is a 9 month old little boy. Very soft, loving, happy - energetic. Would benefit from fosterhome with other dogs.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New semester, lots of action :)


Lita - after recovering from rat-poision

Luna - it was a close call for a while but she has also recovered.

The new semester has rolled into its second week and we have so many lovely new dogs for the upcoming semester. Today Betty and Dorothy went into their respective fosterhomes.

We have recieved a new dog from Ullò - a massive german sheperd male we named Axel. He is a force to be reckoned with but totally sweet and we hope some "stand-up-guy" is interested in giving him the new chance he so obviously needs. (He`s the kind of dog you just know belongs to a man).

We also have new arrivals Lita and Luna who will be brought to us shortly. The two females were poisoned with rat-poison after spending several years living near a factory and were found and nursed back to health by our friends in Heves. I agreed to pay for their treatment and take them on once they recovered. It was touch and go for poor Luna for a while, but she has now recovered completely and both dogs need fosterhomes. They are really charming, grateful girls.

Rosie has been rehomed to a lovely lady in Norway and will be travelling shortly. Her fostermums have taken on their second fosterdog who we aptly nick-named "Teppe" ("blanket" in English - due to his uncanny resemblance to one). Fostermums have now given him a "proper" name - Ralphie.
New short-leg arrival Pedro has also gone into fostering. He was found chained to a tree for no apparant reason and with no owners in sight and according to people in the area he had been there for a very very very long time. He has the coolest disposition imaginable - so loving and happy!

Tomorrow Caroline is flying to Norway with Brutus and Scout where loving new families await them. Brutus`familiy has been patient and waited for several months after choosing him early on so we are very happy they finally are able to welcome their new member into their home.
Scout has been rehomed to Bergen and its beautiful countryside which he will be sharing with 2 cats and a german sheperd boy - and his new dad :)