Sunday, 28 February 2010

Finally Bobby got a fosterhome :)

Many dogs have gone into fostering and Bobby is very happy after his turbulent affair at kennels. He ran away before christmas and we finally located him at a Hungarian couple who refused to give him up. After agreeing that they were, infact, a suitable home for Bobby we let them keep him. 3 weeks later we were contacted and told that Bobby was not going to be a part of their family after all and if we did not take him back they would give him to a shelter. Obviously we told them to give him back straight away - and back to kennel it was for poor Bobby. Now, however, he has go a great trio of fosterparents and we (and Bobby I am sure) are delighted!:)

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  1. Hurrah!

    I was just wondering two days ago about ways to meet Bobby for half an hour. I'd still like to meet the Houdini dog! He sounds like a hound of energy and enterprise.