Thursday, 10 May 2012

Budadogs on Wheels! Help us win the camper!

Budadogs has for 4 years worked with rescue and rehabilitation of homeless dogs. Now that we are moving back to Norway we can no longer continue this type of work in the manner that we have done while living in Hungary. However we WANT TO CONTINUE TO WORK WITH ANIMAL WELFARE and help the stray dog and cat population in Hungary and other central and eastern European countries! We would like to start a "Vets on Wheels" project and offer castration and sterilization of homeless and stray animals in villages and rural areas.

There is now a camper being offered to a project that achieves the highest number of votes!  You can help us win this camper by pressing "Steun mij" on the following link! We need to reach top 10 by tonight if we are to have a chance of winning! Please spread and vote!