Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Season Greetings :)

As is probably quite obvious, Exams/Organization-of-doggies-for-holiday-accomodation does not make for good blogging time. So much is happening, so many rehomed dogs, so many new dogs I`d love to share it with everyone here but there are truly not enough hours in the day at the moment for any of us... Caroline has set her well oiled machinery into a gear I didn`t even know existed and has organized 30 dogs into kenneling in two days!!

I really want to thank everyone for a wonderful year with Budadogs! The support and positive attitude of fosterparents and adoptive parents alike has made the project truly come alive and it`s so great that we, together, now manage to make a difference in the lives of so many animals!

The fact that we now focus primarily on dogs in immediate danger of euthanasia has made it even more worthwhile and we have learned and grown so much this past year. Out of 103 dogs rehomed, 5 have been returned which we think is a pretty good percentage of success so far :) It just goes to show how important the fostering program is and how focus on "right owner for right dog" is not to be underestimated.

The Szent Istvan Blood Donor program is recently up and running in the proficient hands of 4th year students Hanne Christiansen and Thea Sibbern Sørensen (please contact them for more information on how you can help the program by your dog or cat donating blood. (

We are also planning a donation program aimed at more frequent rotation of university dogs, so next year will be very exciting :)

But for now I just want to wish everyone the absolute best for Christmas and New Year and Good Luck with exams to all students!

Anouska :)

Monday, 30 November 2009

Wet Dog

Don Oscar was so shy and bashful when he first arrived to us. He had previously not encountered much human contact, having lived in the garden of an empty house with his mother and sister and surviving on scraps offered bt the neighbours. When someone did move into the house the dog catcher was contacted, but fortunately for Oscar the dog-catcher wasn`t getting payed so he didn`t want to come to collect the 3 dogs for euthanasia. Howeve, after Oscars sister, Dorothy, was hit by a car, his mother,Alice, was taken in for neutering by a local animal welfare organisation and Oscar was left to his own devices in the garden. Budadogs decided to take him on and he arrived with Tapp and Sally last week. He was frightened but quickly trusted us. After a fosterhome didn`t work out we decided he should not change his enviroment again so he remains in fostering with us: Myself (Anouska), Caroline and, of course, the Almighty Ben :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New doggies arrive into the warmth

Tapp :)

Don Oscar in action :)
Sally :))
Don Oscar

Tapp, Sally and Don Oscar have arrived to Budadogs HQ. Don Oscar, who we were told was a girl, was so frightened and had never been indoors but after a night on the sofa he has truly come into his own. He is a 6 month old mix, aprox 6 kg`s. Tapp is a happy, lively, outgoing boy, aprox 5 kg, he is Tilly`s son. Sally is a delight beyond comparison! A truly intelligent, soulful and loving girl who`s only aim is to please, love and be loved in return. She is very likely a Mudi mix and she is 1 year old.

We are looking for fosterhomes for these tender souls as they will not benefit from a kennel enviroment at such an impressionable time in their lives. If you are able to foster one of them, even if it`s only until you go home for christmas, please do not hesitate with contacting us. They are calm and loving dogs who just want love and a warm bed.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Dogs rehomed!!!

We love ALL our doggies!


"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
- A.Carnegie


Tilly, Tapp`s mum :)
5 month old Tapp

Our new addition Tapp needs a fosterhome. He is an adorable 5 month old pup and son of our Beautiful Tilly. He is currently living in a garden and we are hoping to find him a fosterhome asap :))

To Norwegian students with dogs in Hungary

Hi everyone :)

I have recieved quite alot of questions regarding bloodtesting after we started the donor program at the university clinic using Budadogs as blood-donors.

I would just like to stress the importance of testing your dog regularly for the diseases endemic to Hungary which do not exist in Norway (I do not know what diseases apply to other countries). When deciding what to routine-test our dogs for I talked to the head of and also the parasitology department to map out which diseases have a high occurence in Hungary and lack of in Norway. Based on this we routine test all our dogs for Borrelia, Babesia and Dirofilaria. Borrelia exists in Norway, - Babesia and Dirofilaria do not. Therefore I would like to stress the importance of testing your dogs regularly for these diseases and treating preventatively as long as your dog is in Hungary.

Babesia is tick-borne, Dirofilaria by mosquito`s. Thankfully the occurence of D.immitis is rare but D.repens is endemic to this region (apparantly they don`t have much of the mosquito vector for D.immitis.. yet). It is hard to get rid of (if at all possible) and can take a year or more. Although it does not have much clinical consequence for a dogs life to live with D.repens it is still important to test your dog for it and take the right steps should it turn out to be positive. We do not bring positive dogs to Norway. All in all we have had 5 dogs with positive tests. These are undergoing treatment and will be rehomed to Hungary, unless a bloodtest shows otherwise.

If you want to test your dog for Babesia and Dirofilaria/Microfilaria specifically you can do this at recsei vet clinic for 5000ft.

Anouska :)

Christmas doggie?

A terribly good deed to do this christmas is to let a dog into your warm apartment for the holidays. Although a merry time for us, Christmas is often a traumatic time for doggies. Alot of our dogs can withstand kenneling without much ado, but some would really benefit from a home-away-from-home during fostermums break. These are the puppies and old and sick dogs. If you would like to look after a dog during the season in Budapest then please don`t hesitate with contacting us. 50 dogs is our magic number for the holidays, so as you understand there is more than enough to choose from...

Uni dog

Rupert, our beagle that belonged to the University Surgery Department was one of 4 beagles that are used for surgery research (PhD). Unfortunately when time came to alternate the dogs the other 3 were euthanised because they were not thought to be able to function in a family enviroment. Rupert, however, was spared and we were asked whether we could take him, or he too would be put to sleep. Thankfully Rebecca offered to foster Rupert almost immediately and he is thriving beyond expecation in his fosterhome! The life at university is not one that any dog really should have to go through, living in metal kennels 24/7, sitting in their own urine and faeces. It seems, though, that Rupert has put this all behind him :)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dogs going into fostering and new arrivals

This evening Caroline is collecting 2 dogs from kennels who are going into new fosterhomes which are: Eddie, Sylvester and Lucas :)

Also 3 new dogs are arriving tonight, long awaited Bobby and Sally and a 3rd dog we recieved an email about yesterday telling us about a small and old dachshound mix male who his owner had tried to kill by hanging him by his collar to a fence. Because of his small size he did not suffocate and was rescued by an elderly lady. We have named him Tim(photo).
Exactly how old Tim is, we do not know but we do know his eyes are poorly. He will be given veterinary care immediately.

Dogs currently in need of fostering are:

I will update with more info on the new arrivals and the dogs in need of fostering shortly :)) As usual, if you are considering fostering Please do contact me :)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Dogs in need of fostering for the cold winter months

Tommy`s fostermum didn`t want to foster him any longer so we are looking for a new hangout for this little guy. He is aprox 5 years old, small and likes his creature comforts :) Accordingly, kennels do not bode well for him.

Kaja is a 5 month old puppy, most likely Daisy`s daughter. She has been in fostering where she has lived much outside and left to her own devices, meaning she has taken it upon herself to rearrange the garden somewhat. As a result she could not stay and is being kept at kennels but this is not ideal for a girl of her age so we really want to find her a nice fosterhome. She is a big puppy and will most likely grow into a big girl :)

Sylvester is a male sheperd mix, aprox 2 years old. Sylvester was found by our friends in Heves by the side of the road after having been hit by a car and he could not move. As a result of his accident he has a paralysed nerve in his forelimb which means he walks with a limp. He is still happy and loves to run and play, but should not go for the longest hikes quite obviously :)

Speedy has been with us for about a month now. She was adopted by a medicine student who quickly changed his mind unfortunately, after realising the effort it entails to own a dog. Abit of a mistake on my part I must admit, but one lives and learns. Speedy is from Heves where she was going to be put to sleep because her owner had died and we agreed to take her. She is currently in kennels but we sorely want her into fostering. Speedy is a small husky-like girl. She is energetic and outgoing and can be a little selective with female dogs due to prior lack of socialization. She had a lovely fosterhome but unfortunately could not stay there because she did not get on with the fosterparents friends female dog. Apparantly it is an oddity that she misliked this female in particular as she was getting on well with all other dogs and rehabilitating well. Speedy is a funny girl with lots of quirks and she is also extremely intelligent. She is aprox 2-4 years old.

Finbeck and Fia (see separate blog post)

Tobias (see separate blog post)

Lucas (more info coming :) just need to upload his photo`s) He is a small black male mix, wire haired. Young aprox 8 months old. Has been kept in the stables at Ullò and we were asked to take him. Apparantly dogs are left at Ullò all the time because people know it`s a veterinary clinic.

3 year old Beagle who has been used for Surgery research at the university small animal clinic. He is a sweet, energetic boy who has been caged for so long it`s painful to think about. I will update his details and photo as soon as possible. He is a pure bred beagle male, castrated and if anyone deserves a second chance, it`s him!

Sweet Tobias needs a fosterhome

Poor Tobias came to us last week from Heves. His fur was so tangled and riddeled with faeces and urine, it was causing him great pain and he needed to be completely sedated for it to be removed.

Tobias is a sweet, soulful and careful boy in desperate need of Love and we really want to get him into a secure home enviroment as soon as possible. He is a Puli mix, medium size and aprox 2 years old. If you are interested in fostering him please let us know! He really does not enjoy the kennel enviroment....

Puppies in urgent need of fostering/adoption!

Two new puppies arrived into our care today, Siblings Finbeck and Fia. The pups are 6-7 weeks old, fluffy dachshound/spaniel mixes. They are unbelievably adorable, sweet and outgoing babies with a very original look! :) Currently they are being kept in an outdoor kennel but it is too cold for them and so we really hope someone can take them into fostering a.s.a.p! Caroline has taken them to the vet now for vaccines and antiparasitic treatment as they are typically distended with worms and the soft fluffy fur hides very thin little bodies. Finbeck is the male, lighter colour, Fia is the smaller, darker female. Both are outgoing and balanced babies :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

He WILL Rise!

Last week we were hit with very dire news that our poor little Pete (also known as "Conan" after a somewhat malfunctioning "He-Man"incident ;) had a carcinoma. Today, however, we were given the fantastic news by brave fostermum Runa that he is infact NOT ill with cancer but rather had an inflammatory reaction to his vaccines!! (nice biopsy work). Way to go Conan! Or is it He-Man afterall?

Happy rehoming :)

Fairy-princess of the hound world Martha was rehomed to vet student and previous fosterparent Karoline. Congrats to Martha for scoring such sympathetic parents! It was only a matter of time before this headstrong, fearless girl caught someones eye! :)

Hats off!

Hats off to Louise for fostering this unimaginable trio! If ever there was a prize for "most fantastic fostermum" there would be no contest :) From left to right Russel, Andrè and Konrad (aka Archie) all have their crosses to bear. Russel was so frightened upon arrival, his answer to a single touch was to lay on his back and relieve himself. Andrè is most likely a hit-and-run case and has undergone extensive surgery to his stifle and Archie is set to undergo HD operations very soon, yet still finds it in him to function as Russel`s private rehabilitator. Thanks Louise! You`re doing an amazing job that`s worth its weight in gold!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cesar...A Puggle apart!

In all the Puggle chaos one little man stands out from the crowd, our beautiful Volpino Italiano pup Cesar. Also smuggeled into Norway by Hungarian dog trafficers, Cesar was sold to owners who realised later that he was in fact an illegal import. Cesar was handed over to the authorities and transported back to Budapest with his 5 little buddies. He is now in the caring foster-arms of norwegian vet student Maud and her two madams Chiquita and Embla. Cesar is also for adoption. Cesar will undergo all the necessary healthtesting for legal transport to Norway and will be ready for travel in the Spring.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Arrival of The Puggles!!

After alot of arrangments and hard work Lily, editor of "Ditt Dyr" magasine arrived yesterday morning with 6 of the 40 puppies smuggeled into Norway illegally by Hungarians, henceforth "The Puggles". It is a desperate situation that happens all too often and the animals, per usual, become the victims. Several dogs were discovered and the authorities claimed understandably that the only option was euthanasia due to the strict control of Rabies. Some of the dogs will be kept in a 5 month quaranteen in Norway however the Puggles were deemed too young for such a fate and thus had few options other than Euthanasia until Lily contacted me regarding them and whether or not something could be done. And as they say: Where there`s a will, there`s a way.

Two of the pups had actually been sold to owners in Norway and have been brought back to Budapest and into our care in order to enter Norway "afresh" and in a legal and proper fashion. These are 4 month old "Leif" and 3 month old "Wilma". Wilma`s mum Maren travelled down to BP with her and both dogs can be handed back over to their initial owners as "Budadogs". Additionally there are the 3 puggeles whom we named "Puggle" (of course), "Dina" and "Theodor". 6th man aboard is a beautiful Volpino Italiano boy quite apropriately named "Cesar". He is a rare breed, even in his country of origin, and doesn`t he know it!

The pups arrived on two separate flights landing at 10am and noon. Our Vet Viktor was kind enough to accompany us to the airport to ensure that the pups were in good health and had withstood the travel ok. After that we took them home. The pups are incredibly outgoing, secure and bursting with confidence which I am so happy to see!

Lily is writing an article about the journey of the smuggled Puggles and also about Budadogs so to that occasion we managed to organize a meet with fostermums/dogs and adopted dogs/mums in city park for a photo-shoot. (Photographer Jon travelled with Lily from Norway). It was great to see som many of the dogs gathered in one place and we had some lovely autumn sunshine to top it off! It truly warmed my heart!

In the early evening we took the Puggles to Recsei vet clinic and Viktor gave them a thorough check up. All dogs were given an overhaul and we went through their passports and vaccination records. Some of the pups show brachycephalic symptoms which is typical for the breed, and we will be x-raying Leifs trachea because his sudden increase in weight has put pressure on his airways making him stereotypically "pug-cough" upon excitement.

We completed our hectic day with a meal at Karma. Remaining Puggles are now resting peacefully in our apartment. I am so happy that we could help these dogs. Bred and sold for money, we cannot imagine the conditions they come from and the state or situation of their parents. I really hope that people make an effort to buy dogs from trustworthy, knowledgable breeders who bring dogs into this world for other reasons than financial gain and that the focus put on these puppies will make people understand the importance of proper breeding and paperwork. Breeds such as Pug`s are already in a vulnerable position physiologically, which makes it all the more important to consider carefully where you acquire your dog from so that the dog you do purchase has the best possible oportunity to thrive and live a healthy and comfortable life.

As far as the pups are concerned, Cesar has gone into fostering with 3rd year vet.student Maud.
Leif`s mum in Norway has a friend who studies here so she will be looking after him for the duration of his stay.
Wilma is staying with Caroline and I until Inger Elisabeth returns to foster her next week.
Puggle, our little Rock STAR and only black colored Pug in the bunch has already captured the heart of a Hungarian student.
Theodor will be going to vet.student Nina later on in the week and dainty-Dina has stolen my brother Nicky`s heart for the time being.

The dogs are being bloodtested for relevant diseases endemic to Hungary, as are all Budadogs. They will go through the rabies program for legal import to Norway and will be set to return back early Spring. Until then they will hang out in their motherland and have a sufficiently good time at that, I`m sure. :)

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sneak peak at new arrivals :)

Sunday the 1.nov 6 pups that were smuggeled into Norway by Hungarians (who thankfully were caught) will be returned to Hungary and into Budadogs care :) Better option than euthanasia!

Two of the pups need fosterhomes and are also for adoption :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A good day for Little Women :)



Two "Little Women" were rehomed today, Lisa and Martha. Lisa was advertised in Norway last week with a huge amount of responses and will be travelling to her lovely new mum on thursday with Eve. Her photo`s charmed over 30 responses and having to choose was far from easy. We finally made a decision and she has been rehomed to Telemark surrounded by nature and a mum who works from home which is perfect for our little Fairy :)

Baby Martha went on a "date" with her potential new mum and dad today (veterinary student and previous fosterparent) and she obviously charmed them because they have decideded to adopt her:)

Happy ending all round for Lisa after a long stay at Illatos and Martha who was found frighteningly close to death at the side of the motorway near Heves. Now safe... and soon to be Norwegian little women :))

Friday, 23 October 2009

Mobi, our new boy.

Mobi is our rescue of today. He is beautiful and soulful and I hope someone will want him even though he is an old boy...