Monday, 30 November 2009

Wet Dog

Don Oscar was so shy and bashful when he first arrived to us. He had previously not encountered much human contact, having lived in the garden of an empty house with his mother and sister and surviving on scraps offered bt the neighbours. When someone did move into the house the dog catcher was contacted, but fortunately for Oscar the dog-catcher wasn`t getting payed so he didn`t want to come to collect the 3 dogs for euthanasia. Howeve, after Oscars sister, Dorothy, was hit by a car, his mother,Alice, was taken in for neutering by a local animal welfare organisation and Oscar was left to his own devices in the garden. Budadogs decided to take him on and he arrived with Tapp and Sally last week. He was frightened but quickly trusted us. After a fosterhome didn`t work out we decided he should not change his enviroment again so he remains in fostering with us: Myself (Anouska), Caroline and, of course, the Almighty Ben :)

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  1. så utrolig herlig han er!! :o) nå får Ben nok å stri med :p