Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dogs going into fostering and new arrivals

This evening Caroline is collecting 2 dogs from kennels who are going into new fosterhomes which are: Eddie, Sylvester and Lucas :)

Also 3 new dogs are arriving tonight, long awaited Bobby and Sally and a 3rd dog we recieved an email about yesterday telling us about a small and old dachshound mix male who his owner had tried to kill by hanging him by his collar to a fence. Because of his small size he did not suffocate and was rescued by an elderly lady. We have named him Tim(photo).
Exactly how old Tim is, we do not know but we do know his eyes are poorly. He will be given veterinary care immediately.

Dogs currently in need of fostering are:

I will update with more info on the new arrivals and the dogs in need of fostering shortly :)) As usual, if you are considering fostering Please do contact me :)

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