Friday, 6 November 2009

Dogs in need of fostering for the cold winter months

Tommy`s fostermum didn`t want to foster him any longer so we are looking for a new hangout for this little guy. He is aprox 5 years old, small and likes his creature comforts :) Accordingly, kennels do not bode well for him.

Kaja is a 5 month old puppy, most likely Daisy`s daughter. She has been in fostering where she has lived much outside and left to her own devices, meaning she has taken it upon herself to rearrange the garden somewhat. As a result she could not stay and is being kept at kennels but this is not ideal for a girl of her age so we really want to find her a nice fosterhome. She is a big puppy and will most likely grow into a big girl :)

Sylvester is a male sheperd mix, aprox 2 years old. Sylvester was found by our friends in Heves by the side of the road after having been hit by a car and he could not move. As a result of his accident he has a paralysed nerve in his forelimb which means he walks with a limp. He is still happy and loves to run and play, but should not go for the longest hikes quite obviously :)

Speedy has been with us for about a month now. She was adopted by a medicine student who quickly changed his mind unfortunately, after realising the effort it entails to own a dog. Abit of a mistake on my part I must admit, but one lives and learns. Speedy is from Heves where she was going to be put to sleep because her owner had died and we agreed to take her. She is currently in kennels but we sorely want her into fostering. Speedy is a small husky-like girl. She is energetic and outgoing and can be a little selective with female dogs due to prior lack of socialization. She had a lovely fosterhome but unfortunately could not stay there because she did not get on with the fosterparents friends female dog. Apparantly it is an oddity that she misliked this female in particular as she was getting on well with all other dogs and rehabilitating well. Speedy is a funny girl with lots of quirks and she is also extremely intelligent. She is aprox 2-4 years old.

Finbeck and Fia (see separate blog post)

Tobias (see separate blog post)

Lucas (more info coming :) just need to upload his photo`s) He is a small black male mix, wire haired. Young aprox 8 months old. Has been kept in the stables at Ullò and we were asked to take him. Apparantly dogs are left at Ullò all the time because people know it`s a veterinary clinic.

3 year old Beagle who has been used for Surgery research at the university small animal clinic. He is a sweet, energetic boy who has been caged for so long it`s painful to think about. I will update his details and photo as soon as possible. He is a pure bred beagle male, castrated and if anyone deserves a second chance, it`s him!

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