Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sneak peak at new arrivals :)

Sunday the 1.nov 6 pups that were smuggeled into Norway by Hungarians (who thankfully were caught) will be returned to Hungary and into Budadogs care :) Better option than euthanasia!

Two of the pups need fosterhomes and are also for adoption :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A good day for Little Women :)



Two "Little Women" were rehomed today, Lisa and Martha. Lisa was advertised in Norway last week with a huge amount of responses and will be travelling to her lovely new mum on thursday with Eve. Her photo`s charmed over 30 responses and having to choose was far from easy. We finally made a decision and she has been rehomed to Telemark surrounded by nature and a mum who works from home which is perfect for our little Fairy :)

Baby Martha went on a "date" with her potential new mum and dad today (veterinary student and previous fosterparent) and she obviously charmed them because they have decideded to adopt her:)

Happy ending all round for Lisa after a long stay at Illatos and Martha who was found frighteningly close to death at the side of the motorway near Heves. Now safe... and soon to be Norwegian little women :))

Friday, 23 October 2009

Mobi, our new boy.

Mobi is our rescue of today. He is beautiful and soulful and I hope someone will want him even though he is an old boy...

Two new dogs

Today we have taken on two new dogs. I recieved an email from our friend in Heves.

One dog has been living in a field and a 70 year old woman has been feeding him regularly. However now that it is getting colder his condition is deteriorating and she thought of no other alternative than to call the dog catcher to have him put to sleep. I told them we would take him.

The second dog is an older large male belonging to an old woman. He has been living outdoors and wandering the neighbourhood but the neighbours have threatened to kill him, so the old lady has now tied him to the door handle. She cannot afford to feed herself, let alone the dog so I also agreed to take him on.

Both dogs will be arriving to us in a weeks time. I will post photo`s once I get them.

Obviously, we need all the help we can get. To open your warm home and heart to a fosterdog is the best way to help so anyone interested, please don`t hesitate to contact us.... So many dogs will be freezing to death again this winter....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Puppy :)

The following link is to Mimi, one of three 5 month old babies rescued in Heves. They are small, outgoing and happy pups in need of new homes :)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Kaja needs a new fosterhome

As of Friday this week Kaja will be needing a new fostermum. She is one of our dogs rescued from the military camp in Heves and is Daisy`s aprox 4 month old daughter. Kaja will grow to be be a big girl, is bright and intelligent :) She loves other dogs so a fosterhome with other dogs is prefect.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Boxer-baby`s sister Bella (aka "Tank") was adopted to Kasper`s fostermum the same day we got her. The puppies are 6 weeks old and have been handreared since the age of 2 weeks due to their mothers mastitis. Tank weighs in at a solid 5.5 kg`s! Not a bad weight for a 6 week old body-builder who could easily be mistaken for a St.Bernhard puppy!
The photo is of her first day in her new home, spreading the love and giving fosterbrother Kasper a good overhall proving that she soon enough will match him in strength :)

Awaiting new arrivals

Sally (not a good picture :))
Bobby and Sally will be arriving soon to Budadogs and both dogs will need fostering :) They are young dogs, around 1 year old. Bobby was going to be put down because he is not aggressive or guarding and just too happy for the owner (who wanted a guard-dog) and Sally had a litter which made her owner want to take a bat to her and her babies head. She was shy and kept in horrific conditions but is coming out of her shell. Anyone interested in fostering one of these or the other 4 that need fostering, just let us know :) All pooches are really sweet dogs!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Fostering makes our wheels go round :)

Taffy :)

At the moment we have 30 dogs in fostering :)

Yesterday Dexi and Buster went into fosterhomes which we are really happy about. Dexi sorely needed someone to give him the attention he so dearly deserves.

Additionally Speedy is still for rehoming due to her adopter changing their mind. She is also in need of fostering because she wasn`t getting no with fostermums friends fosterdog, Ellie. It`s apparantly odd because Ellie (Elvira) seems to be the only dog she really doesn`t like. Obviously also very unfortunate because that means she needs a new fosterhome.

The dogs currently in need of fosterhomes are:
1 year 8 month old happy boy! Loves other dogs and also likes cats:)

Sweet, cuddly, devoted girl. 1-2 years old. Was seen wandering the streets for ages on her own until she finally was taken in. They think someone moved and left her there.

7 year old furry boy. Intelligent, happy. Has had a good life but owner wanted to put him to sleep because it was too much to have a child and a dog.

Her owner died and family wanted to put her to sleep so called the dog catcher. Has lived a somewhat sheltered life in a garden. She was briefly considered adopted by a med. student but he changed his mind. She was in fostering but doesn`t like fostermums friends fosterdog which was a shame. She has gone out to kennels now but was getting on really well in fostering so I hope someone wants to take her :) She`s a funny little girl with lots of personality.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dogs in need of fostering

Updated list of our dogs that need fosterhomes (see photos on website "dogs for rehoming"

The most urgen cases are Andrè and Dexi. Andrè was operated on his hindlimb 2 weeks ago and is recovering well. Dexi is unhappy at kennels and sorely needs someone to give him some TLC.


2 days ago I was contaced by a vet at the uni clinic regarding 3 boxer-mix puppies that needed rehoming. Two are rehomed and one remains "Boxer-baby" (for now) is in fostering. Babies are only 6 weeks old and were separated from mum at 2 weeks due to a heavy mastitis that left her in hospital for 3 weeks. Mums a boxer, dads a golden retriever. They were only 3 in the litter, all are fat and happy. Boxer-baby is the only one left for adoption:)

Speedy adoption

Living up to her name, Speedy has managed to set a record for fastest dog out of fostering and into a new home. (She went into fostering on saturday). Speedy has been adopted by a 3rd year medicine student and handover is today. We wish the lovely girl and her new dad all the best!

Rest in peace sweet Leah

Last night Leah died a sad, unecessary death. She had complications after a sterilisation and had to be operated again. Her organs had adhered to eachother and there was a 50% chance of it reocurring. However she was getting on very well, eating, drinking and even playing abit. Then 4 days post.op. her wound reopened and there was nothing we could do...

Sometimes it`s all you can do not to blame yourself or the people around you. Everyone tries so hard and still it`s pointless. Leah was sterilised due to pregnancy before she came to us, which is what we do. It is season for pregnant females it seems. She came into fostering and the poor girls were distraught she didnt urinate for 4 days. Vet did ultrasound and thought maybe her urinary tract was ligated, her bladder was so full. They reopened her and found her bladder attached to her intestines and everything attached to everything else. Post.op she was doing so well and now this. Don`t ask me how, don`t ask me why. Vet did an autopsy and everything looked to be going well... The soft, poor baby was obviously not meant for this world. Rest in peace sweet Leah.. I`m so deeply sorry we failed you...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday never day of rest part 3 - The Return of Russel!

Russel - happy to be back?

Konrad - Happy to see his bff!!

Russel went missing yesterday and after hours of searching and the girls handing out flyers there was nothing left to do but wait for him to show up and hope that someone found it in their heart to take the poor boy in. Thankfully someone did. An old lady had seen him lying under a car last night and she had also seen one of our flyers. She told a passer by about the dog and he coaxed him out and took him home. This morning he rang his veterinarian who again contacted our vet Viktor (Viktor had called in an S.O.S to the Budapest clinics informing them there was a lost dog) and Russel was back safe and sound this afternoone!

Important info:
If anyone is interested in leash-handling-courses Louise will be offering them on a voluntary basis at uni. (private sessions can also be arranged ;p)

Sunday- never day of rest part 2

Lilly`s fosterdad from medicine found a heavily pregnant female during the "crap-on-the-street" weekend. She was in a terrible condition and left wandering helplessly amongst the garbage. Today she was taken to Viktor`s for a hysterectomy and removal of the 8 puppies. She has gone home with her temporary fosterdad and Lilly for recovery. Our new addition has been named Lucy :)She will be looking for a new fosterhome!

Sunday - never day of rest part 1

Newton shows off his chestnut-eating skills! They are pretty awesome!
Newtons family :)
Newton proudly shows Caroline his new pad :))

Caroline and I went to Penc to visit our beloved Newton! :)) He has been adopted to a hungarian couple and we have been so excited to see him in his new surroundings. Newton now lives the blissful life outdoors. He eats eggs and chestnuts in the garden and has befriended the neighbours female dog. He has been clicker-trained and is going to start an agility course with his owner. We were so delighted to see him and he over the moon to see Caroline with whom he lived for a year before rehoming!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New additions

Two new additions to Budadogs, Buster (bottom) and Pete (top). Buster is a 2 year old Bichon Havanais male, very sweet and tender boy. He most likely has both fosterparent and home already :)

Pete is a 2 year old longhaired chihuahua. He is from the shelter at Vàc. Pete is quite frightened of men and needs a nice, stable fosterparent to show him some good lovin` :) Anyone up for it? Pete was neutered yesterday and can go into fostering immediately. Also someone has apparantly tried to cut his tail off (??) so this has been operated aswell. Thus he is a "Half-tailed chihuahua"... very rare breed indeed ;)

Weekend ongoings

Tiny got a fosterhome until she travels which is great. Cuddly, energy bunny Speedy (bottom)went into fostering today. She`s such a little cutie :)) We still need fosterhomes for Dexi and Tarzan (top). Tarzan climbs the 2.75 m fence at kennels so has been sendt to the roofed enclosure which we dont really want to keep him in for any length of time! And he is such a good boy aswell, he would be lovely to foster!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Tiny Tee

Tiny Tee needs looking after for 2 weeks until she flies to her mum in Sweden. She is a lovely, cuddly little girl. She doesnt really like other dogs and therefore isnt getting much out of the social-side of kennels unfortunately... Anyone able to take her for these days please let us know!

Dexi sorely needs a fosterhome

Info about Dexi from the organisation he came from:

"Dexi was found as a puppy (about 2 months old) with his 7 siblings on a rubbish heap outside of the town and I was taking care of him for 2 years. He was living with my 2 own dogs (a male and a female) and with the other dogs whom I was fostering during the 2 years. He has learned to be social with other dogs and learned the basic rules a dog should keep. He knows that there are others arround him so he has to be patient and wait for his turn (he was like Seb at the beginning, silly and very energetic thinking that the world is spinning arround him :). He has learned to sit for instruction and he has learned to be patient if I forbid him something. After all he is a disciplined dog. He is a bit afraid of people which means that starts barking them from a long distance (it only happened when he was in his well known place, in my garden and somebody came to visit me). Otherwise, on the street or at places which are not his usual living places he is simple withdrawn and needs a few minute to relax a bit. Then he lets himself even to be stroked (he does not get completely relaxed but you can start making him friends). He is mistrustful with unknown people but never agressive. He likes chasing cats but not with agression. His way of playing with smaller ones is not very gentle :) but he approaches with good intention. According to my experinces with dogs there are 2 reasons for a dog being so frightened: one is maltreatment and the other one is genetic. Among the 8 siblings a lot of them were natured like Dexi (one of them was much worse than him) but there were 2 or 3 who were open to people without fears. Thats all I can tell about him but if you have questions or I missed something please let me know. I really hope that you can find a foster home for him because he is quiet scarred at the kennel. He is let out to the court during the day because inside his crate he gets introverted."

We really would like a nice fosterhome for Dexi now so that he can start his new life!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Puppy in need of fostering

A week ago two german vet students found a gorgeous tiny little female pup. She is aprox 6 weeks old. Unfortunately the girls cannot keep her and have asked us if we can take her, so we are looking for a fosterhome for her :) (Nora? ;p)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Travelling Willbury`s

Buddi :)
Bill now..
Lars and Bill.. then...
Hugo-happy-boy :)

The last of the "4 musketeers" travelled to new homes yesterday, Hugo and Bill. Along for the ride (flight:) was Mr.T aka Buddi who went to his lovely new family in Finnskogen. Buddi lived at kennels for a long time with Fàni before they came to Budadogs. Fàni went to Norway a few weeks ago and coincidentally she and Buddi have been adopted to the same area and their owners actually know eachother! So now they will be happily reunited in the Norwegian woodlands from time to time :)

Bill and Hugo have been adopted together which is really lovely. They have spent the last 3 months together in Dunakezsi and its so great that they get to spend their lives together after becoming such good friends. Bill (the laid back half of "Lars and Bill") has grown into a handsome young man and both he and Hugo weigh in at an identical 10.3 kg! :) So now there are no more 4 musketeers at kennels which I`m sure makes it quite empty but I also assume it is rather quiet and blissfull aswell :)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dogs in need of fostering

Dexi. Dexi (behind Fredrik) is a 2 year old small male sandy coloured mix. He has been living in a garden since he was a puppy. He was found on a rubbish dump with his littermates at 8 weeks old. Dexi is a kind but shy and frightened dog and needs a nice fosterhome where he can come out of his shell :) He would benefit from a fosterhome with other dogs:)
Eddie. Eddie is a 3 month old little male mix. He is a hit-and-run case and has a fractured forelimb that will be operated. Eddie`s a cool little dude :)
Speedy is a small husky-like female. Her owner died and the owners relatives gave her to the dog-catcher in Heves to be put to sleep, so we took her. She is a kind, sweet girl in need of fostering! :)
Tarzan. Tarzan is a 7 year old beautiful male Puli mix. He was sendt to the dogcatcher in Heves for euthanasia because his owner had a child 2 years ago and the child is now so active the mother wanted to get rid of the dog. Tarzan is a kind, loving and tolerant boy in need of fostering :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rest in Peace Foxy

Foxy before and after Zsanett found her.

Something terribly sad happened a week ago. A female dog, Foxy, who had lived her life on a chain and had endless litters of puppies was finally given up by her owner about 3 weeks ago and was to be transported to our kennels and go into Budadogs care. However she could not be transported for a while so Zsanett fed her regularly and dewormed her "on site" until she could travel. As the photo`s show she made a great recovery only over those few weeks.

A few days ago Zsanett went to collect Foxy to finally bring her to us, but she wasn`t there. The Gipsy family told her ever so coldly that they had given her to the dog-catcher and she had been euthanised a week earlier. Even when they knew we were coming for her they didn`t care.. it was almost like they did it in spite...

They had bought a new dog and put it on Foxy`s chain..