Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Budadogs progress and Donation

This is why we do what we do! Tegwens before and after pictures, she was terrified, but is now on her way to become a confident female. She lives with Anouska now, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life :)

Budadogs has now grown to the point of becoming an official organization, thanks to many wonderful people who have helped so much. We now have lawyers and accountants who are working for us on a non-profit basis which is just amazing. With all this happening we are inspired to work even harder in our effort to save as many lost souls as we possibly can and because we now are official we can finally receive much needed donations! The Budadogs non-profit`s pay-pal account is now up and running and anyone can donate through our website. This is something we are really happy about because we have grown to the point now that in order to expand further, which we obviously wish to do, we need all the financial help we can get.

At the moment we have near 80 dogs in fostering and 70 of them will be going into kenneling for the upcoming holidays which obviously costs a small fortune.

Additionally we strive to help injured and sick dogs in need of medical attention and try to go out of our way to get them the medical assistance they need and deserve.

So please don`t hesitate with donating to help us save as many dogs as we possibly can!

Yours sincerely,
Anouska, Caroline, Eve, Maud, Ina, Amanda & the Budadogs!

Kaia`s 6 month update :)

Kaia has lived with her adopters Per and Kristine in Norway for 6 months now, so here is a small update :)

Kaia is a happy, fun dog who is well behaved towards everyone and everything she meets, wether it walks on two or four legs. She was a bit reserved in the beginning, but now Kaia is feeling quite at home. She loves playing with her best friend, the Irish Setter neighbor and she also enjoys her daily long walks .

Kaias favourite thing in the world (exept for food) is joining her family up in the mountains, where the x-street dog shows her hunting potential mostly on Norway Lemmings and water Voles (Norwegian: Lemmen og Jordrotter) which she loves to chase!

Kaia`s new family loves her very much and enjoys every day with her. We look forward to more updates :)
-Maud Kristine-

Friday, 5 November 2010

Finally! Metro siblings are safe.

Today I can finally write about some progress!

09.00 May Helen and I met with a guy who works in the zoo and has lots of experience with sedating wild animals, and dogs. He had an assistant with him as well. His tool was a blowgun/blow pipe where he had a syringe with the sedative in it.

The pack was not in their usual site so we went in to the little forest where I have seen them before. They where not there....

May Helen and I took a walk to the other side of the forest where Hanne and I spotted the young male on wednesday, but no luck there either. My mood was defenitly not the best when I had to call Anouska and Viktor(the veterinarian and translater) to say that I would have to tell the guy to go back home.
When I walked back to the car the assistant showed me in sign "language" that they had darted the young female! I was so happy I started crying :):) and the whole pack was there all calm like nothing had happened.

We waited 5 minuts for the sedative to take effect, and then "G.I Joe"(the zoo guy) told me to whistle for the young male and give him some food so he would come close enough to hit him with the dart. The young male came trotting towards me and was only 2 meters away from "G.I Joe" when he got the dart in his behind. He started screaming and ran into the forest, and the older male and female followed him.

I ran after them, because it was very important that we found him before he was totally sedated, and became very difficult to find, while the rest carried the young female into the car.

I found him sleeping far into the forest, and the two older dogs where long gone. "G.I Joe" and May Helen brought the cars to where I was and we carried the male into the car and drove off to Viktor the vet.

Toby and Pheobe as I have named them got Vaccination against pretty much everything, including rabies, they got blood tested, de-wormed, treated against ticks and lice, micro chipped, got collars on and also a shot against Babesia, since they where crawling of ticks!

We drove them to the kennel where Toby was settled in with a female and Phoebe got her own room with lots of cosy blankets.

Me and Anouska are going there tomorrow to check on them and to bring Imelda`s puppies to the veterinarian to get their shots and to bring them out to the dog hotel :)

Sorry to say that this is another metro pack update without any new pictures, but I will definitely try to take some next time, when we take the "mom" and "dad" of the pack away from the site :)

-Maud Kristine-

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Metro pack news

We have been following the metro pack closely even though I have not been blogging too much about it.

Last week me and Hanne went out there to try to catch them, since they trust me alot we were a bit over confident and believed we would be able to at least catch 3 out of 4 dogs. There where several (7-9) people walking by while we where there. Some to yell at us for feeding them, "We have tried everything to get rid of the dogs", no wonder the dogs are limping from time to time. Other gave us the "thumbs up" and was happy that we wanted to save the dogs.

The result was that we could not catch any of the dogs, because they got scared and ran into the forest when a lady from the village came over and yelled at us, they have obviously not nice memories from earlier meetings with her.

Bad news: We thought the young female was pregnant.

Hanne has been there 3 times since last week and they have behaved like they have always done, running towards her when she whistled.

Today we went back to catch the young female only, because of our pregnancy suspicions. When we saw her we were amazed at how huge she is! And I am afraid she will give birth before we can catch them.

They where very spooked today, and we had to give up after a couple of hours. I do not know if it is the villagers that have scared them with something or if they are so stressed because of the young one being so close to giving birth, but we decided to hire a man from Budapest zoo to bring his dart-gun (if that is what it is called) and sedate them. This will be much less stressful and we can hopefully get the young female to the veterinarian and get her sterilized before it is too late. The zoo-man will help us this Friday.

After we catch the dogs (hopefully all, most likely 1 or 2 in the first try) we bring them to the vet and give them everything they need, then we take them to a kennel we use where the guy who runs it is very good with dogs and we are really looking forward to see how they behave in their new surroundings. Zsanett that we work with have done this many times before and she is confident in our metro pack, and so am I :)

Whish us luck!

-Maud Kristine-

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Darcy the white!

Yesterday Amanda was walking in the Buda hills close to where Hendrik had been found and came across another lone dog. He had been hanging around some school children on a field-trip for several hours, and appeared lost, also he had a wound on his side which appeared to need medical attention.

(Pictures above are taken at our veterinarian Viktor`s clinic)
Darcy was immediately very friendly happily allowing a leash to be put on and walking calmly along side Amanda and her own dog Winston. After about an hour of asking if anyone had been seen searching for a dog, and asking at the cafe Amanda contacted Budadogs to see if we could help him. We told her to take him to Viktor, our vet to check for a chip, but since none was found we had him chipped / vaccinated / de-wormed and treated against ticks and have placed him in kenneling where he can receive treatment for his wound.

(Pictures below are taken at our kennel (not dog hotel) where is is now)

We believe that Darcy may have been abandoned by owners unable to pay vets bills related to his wound, since he is clearly used to being handled, and even jumped into the car as soon as the door was opened, but we can not be sure. He is around 2 to 3 years old and 25 kilos.

We will now advertise him on a lost pets website just in case his owners are searching for him and if not will look for a new home for this beautiful boy.

-Amanda and Maud Kristine-

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Henrik from budda hills

Amanda saw a dog that seemed lost about a week ago, and asked a "cafè" owner (he sells Langos) if he had seen the dog before. The salesman said he has been feeding the dog for over a month, and has never seen any sign of an owner and that he is walking around the shops all day long looking for food.

Today me and Amanda went to Normafa in Budda hills to take a look at the dog, and to take him to the veterinarian to check for a chip and hopefully an owner. He was scared of people, and the photos I managed to take was while Amanda fed him dryfood, after this he realized that we wanted to put a lead on him, and he was not too keen on it and walked away.

I got some hamburger from one of the little shops and had to jump him, grab him behind the ears and hold on! He was terrified, but I just had to think that it is better to scare him for 20 min then to loose him, and know that he will be homeless all winter. Amanda muzzled him and we got him into a crate in the car and down to Viktor (our veterinarian). There was no chip (as expected), he is about 35-40kg, 2-3 years old and very kind, calm and trusting even after what we put him trough. Henrik, as his new name is, got a chip, vaccinations, spot-on (against ticks, flees and other bugs) and dewormers.

Amanda and me drove him out to the doghotel where he met Dougal (Dougal is such a different and confident boy now!) and John (which Jani baci, the "hotel" owner, adores!). Henrik seemed to feel at home right away, walking around, sniffing the other dogs :)

To bad it got too dark to take any more photos, bacause as you can imagine it was kind of hard taking photos during the dog-catching :)

-Maud Kristine-

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Metro pack visit

When I arrived to the pack-site today it has been a while since last time, and I was worried about what shape they where in.
Before they saw me, they where sniffing around for food which I have not seen them do before. At first they barked at me and when I whistled they came running! not just trotting.

While the mom and dad watches from the top of the little hillside.
But the mom came running soon after the young ones.

The young male is limping, and holding his frontleg high of the ground. But he is wagging his tail at me, nearly jumping up and down by the knowledge that I have food for him.

The two females share the same bowl, and are very happy to get some food.
I see that whoever fed them before, stopped after taking the puppy home (I hope this is the truth, and not only wishfull thinking), so no wonder they are hungry!

Hopefully me and Claire will get them to a safe environment tomorrow or as soon as possible next week.

-Maud Kristine-

Friday, 22 October 2010

Dennis making cracks in his little shell :)

Dennis came to us after living under the name "Antisedan" in the school clinic for about 5 years (his whole life) as a dog that the students was to practise sticking needles on. He was very patient and kind towards everything and everyone, but after many years he showed signs of being tired of all the poking, sticking and the hospital environment he was living in, day in and day out.

When he first came to his fosterhome, his favourite spot was safely under the desk. He could hardly go out in the streets during the day, because he had never been outside the school gates before.

But he soon go comfy in his new surroundings!

Week 2 he was still nervous, and it took him a while to understand what toys where for. Especially when they looked like him!

Now after a while in fostercare he is learning that the streets are not too bad, even during the day. And he has got some sparks in his eyes, and LOVES to jump the home made indoor agility course ;)

Dennis is up for adoption and we are looking forward to see how he is going to get better and better by the day in his fosterhome environment! :)

-Maud Kristine-

Friday, 15 October 2010

Kingsley in his new home

Kingsley is a pug who was smuggled illegally to Norway and was ment to be put down since he was too young to be in quarantine for a longer period of time, but we flew him back to Hungary, gave him all the vaccinations and tests needed to be brought in to Norway legally and he has now been adopted to a young couple in Norway.

Kingsley lives in northern Norway and arrived in september to his new "Mom" and "dad", I went to visit them this week, and he is as happy as a pug can be, running around showing off his new home.

Kingsley is attending a socialization class once a week, where dogs meet and greet, get positive experiences with the (sometimes) scary agility obsticles and other scary things, in controlled and safe surroundings. His owner Astrid says that Kingsley is fearless in the agility course, and he loves it!

Above: Kingsley and Astrid

Astrid and Tom Vidar tells me how easy and calm he is around other dogs when they are out for walks, how he always comes when called and how lovable he is.

When the first snow arrived this week, Kingsley went completely crazy! digging his head under the snow, absolutely loving it :)

We wish them all the best!

-Maud Kristine-

Monday, 11 October 2010

The metro-pack; 10.Okt, day 8

Today is my busy day, so I will make it very easy on myself, and give you the e-mail Amanda kindly sent me after she was done feeding and keeping an eye on them yesterday.

First I want to tell you some (hopefully) good news, but we can not be sure. The puppy is gone from its burrow, and is not with the adults. He has not been with the pack for 2-3 days now, and is most likely picked up by someone. My hope is that whoever was/is feeding the pack has taken him home with them, and maybe they where just waiting for him to get old enough, which he is by this point.

Well, here is Amanda`s update :)

"When I arrived all 4 dogs ran off, so I filled the water bowl and put food out for them. When I left I saw them on the other side of the road, so I stopped to watch from a distance to see what they would do. As long as I stayed in the car they were relaxed and lay sunbathing for a while.

After some time they went into the woods, and I got out of the car to have a better look at where they were going. To my surprise the 2 girls (I think it was the girls, the smaller black one and the brown and white one) hearing the rustle of the bag of treats I was holding came back towards me. I fed them treats, and the black one became brave enough to eat from my hand and lie down close to me. The other girl didn't take them from my hand but came very close. I had a bowl in the car so I gave them some water which they took before trotting back home when the treats ran out.

I went back to the site and before long the boys came back. The boys were still wary of me, but the girls didn't mind me being there at all. No sign of the puppy still - let's hope he is somewhere good."

And here are some of the pictures she took:

-Maud Kristine and a lot of Amanda-