Monday, 11 October 2010

The metro-pack; 10.Okt, day 8

Today is my busy day, so I will make it very easy on myself, and give you the e-mail Amanda kindly sent me after she was done feeding and keeping an eye on them yesterday.

First I want to tell you some (hopefully) good news, but we can not be sure. The puppy is gone from its burrow, and is not with the adults. He has not been with the pack for 2-3 days now, and is most likely picked up by someone. My hope is that whoever was/is feeding the pack has taken him home with them, and maybe they where just waiting for him to get old enough, which he is by this point.

Well, here is Amanda`s update :)

"When I arrived all 4 dogs ran off, so I filled the water bowl and put food out for them. When I left I saw them on the other side of the road, so I stopped to watch from a distance to see what they would do. As long as I stayed in the car they were relaxed and lay sunbathing for a while.

After some time they went into the woods, and I got out of the car to have a better look at where they were going. To my surprise the 2 girls (I think it was the girls, the smaller black one and the brown and white one) hearing the rustle of the bag of treats I was holding came back towards me. I fed them treats, and the black one became brave enough to eat from my hand and lie down close to me. The other girl didn't take them from my hand but came very close. I had a bowl in the car so I gave them some water which they took before trotting back home when the treats ran out.

I went back to the site and before long the boys came back. The boys were still wary of me, but the girls didn't mind me being there at all. No sign of the puppy still - let's hope he is somewhere good."

And here are some of the pictures she took:

-Maud Kristine and a lot of Amanda-

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