Monday, 4 October 2010

The metro-pack; 4.Okt, day 2

I arrived alone with food and water to the pack around 12 o`clock this morning and the two females came trotting towards me, and the young male was more trusting today than yesterday, and ate some food that was just a meter behind my back. He is the one in the picture below.

The mother of the puppy and the two black young ones seems to be some sort of terrier/german shepard mix and is very beautiful. In this picture she is very close to me, no further than a meter.

These photos are taken outside the burrow where the puppy lives, They follow me everywhere, and the mother is looking closely when I approch the puppy with some food (eventhough the puppy is in no need of any more food, I want the pup to have some human contact).

She is pretty relaxed, laying close to me looking around yawning.

The gorgeous young female below is very curious of this wierd human walking around with food on her hands.

I got the puppy, which I believe to be a female, to lick my hand. But she is very scared of my smell and has most probably never had any human contact.

She eats from my hand, but never let her eyes of mine. She is extremely careful and sweet.

I was there for about 3 hours, and a friend of mine, Ingelin, came after a while, and they accepted her as well.

When I was leaving, the young female followed me, and sat down in a place where she could keep an eye on me.

The mother went to feed her pup when I left.

I got a much closer look at the male today, and he is much older than we thought, because yesterday we wondered if he was the same age as the other two younger ones, but as you see he is an elderly man. We are very interested in checking his leg, and hopefully it is not to bad.

The two siblings, probably around 1-2 years old.

-Maud Kristine-


  1. Nice project!
    Just a small comment: yawning, in these circumstances, is probably a sign of tension/stress, not of relaxation.
    Good luck with them! :)

  2. Yes, I agree :) but after spending a few hours with them their whole body language was very calm and trusting :) I am looking forward to get to know them better!

  3. Hei jenta mi.
    følger med på bloggen, du har gjort en veldig bra jobb.Mamma