Monday, 4 October 2010

The metro-pack; 3.Okt, day 1

We got an e-mail about a pack of dogs close to a metro stop, so Claire and I went out to check them out and to meet the people who sent us the e-mail. It was almost hard to spot them at a distance, and to see how many dogs there where.

When we got closer 3 of them got very interested and started moving towards the sound of dry food in a bowl we brought with us.

We approched them carefully, with our back to them most of the time, to show them some respect and to not seem too scary.

The fourth dog was limping and kept his distance, but as you can see in this photo, the two females are very curious, while the young boy(most likely brother to the black young female) keeps a safe distance.

The young female(black) eats from my hand after about 10-15 min of patience.

While me and Claire are walking around checking the area, the young boy sees the opportunity to check our pretty pink (Anouska`s) veterinary bag. ;)

this piece of land they are living in is between 2 higly trafficated roads.

Claire with the two females, trying to gain their trust.

She ran away with a tin of wet food ;) retriever?

When we walked around the place we saw that the dogs had dug burrows in the sand and we went to check it out.

And look what we found!

A young puppy barking and growling from fear in the little burrow. It seemed fat, happy and about 6-7 weeks old. We left it to iself, since we were planning to return anyway. The mother is the black and tan-ish female.

After talking about what we saw, we have decided that we cant leave them there un-kastrated, the older dogs wont survive the winter, and we do not want to separate a pack. So our plan is to return every day with food and patience to gain their trust. We will take the puppy to a fosterhome (he is old enough by then) and thake the rest to our Doghotel so they can be a pack, but in controlled circumstances and we have the chance to socialize them when they have settled down. And after a while (difficult to say how long) when they are ready, we will take them into fosterhomes. First thing to do when we catch them is ofcourse a trip to the vet!

-Maud Kristine-

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