Monday, 4 October 2010

Trolls success

Troll and his owner Josefine participated in their first obedience competition saturday 18th of September. The result was a 4th place and there were 16 competitors, they got 178 points and promoted to class 2 in their first try :) The jugde gave them a 10 for general apperance.

One week later they competed again in LP1, with the same result, but this time they were 4th out of over 20 competitors. So now they are working to compete in LP2

This weekend Troll and Josefine went to a rottweiler meeting and for the second time in Troll`s career he has tried tracking and something called "rundering" in Norwegian, its when the dog finds people that are hiding.

Troll and his owner will join a working-dog course in November and they also do Agility on a regular basis.

Josefine is very happy with Troll and tells us that he is a happy dog who loves all the activities they are doing :)

PS: Sorry for the poor english translation of the competition language, but somethings just does not translate that well, but let me know of any mistakes and I will fix it :):)

-Maud Kristine-

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