Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The metro-pack; 6.Okt, day 4

A little update:
None of us went out to the pack yesterday due to the pouring rain, but tonight around 7 o`clock I arrived at the site where the pack lives. It was dark, and I could not see any dogs, but the first thing I saw was that the bowl we have left there was filled with water and moved on top of some plastic, which only humans can do :) I filled it with fresh water and left food for them.

I whistled, but the dogs where out wandering I guess, so I went to take a look at the puppy, and outside the burrow I saw more suprises, some kind soul has given them food.

And also laid a jacket out for them.
The puppy was in good shape, growling and barking as usual ;)

I am thinking of putting out a note for the people feeding them. Maybe they know how long they have lived there.

-Maud Kristine-

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