Saturday, 23 October 2010

Metro pack visit

When I arrived to the pack-site today it has been a while since last time, and I was worried about what shape they where in.
Before they saw me, they where sniffing around for food which I have not seen them do before. At first they barked at me and when I whistled they came running! not just trotting.

While the mom and dad watches from the top of the little hillside.
But the mom came running soon after the young ones.

The young male is limping, and holding his frontleg high of the ground. But he is wagging his tail at me, nearly jumping up and down by the knowledge that I have food for him.

The two females share the same bowl, and are very happy to get some food.
I see that whoever fed them before, stopped after taking the puppy home (I hope this is the truth, and not only wishfull thinking), so no wonder they are hungry!

Hopefully me and Claire will get them to a safe environment tomorrow or as soon as possible next week.

-Maud Kristine-

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