Friday, 22 October 2010

Dennis making cracks in his little shell :)

Dennis came to us after living under the name "Antisedan" in the school clinic for about 5 years (his whole life) as a dog that the students was to practise sticking needles on. He was very patient and kind towards everything and everyone, but after many years he showed signs of being tired of all the poking, sticking and the hospital environment he was living in, day in and day out.

When he first came to his fosterhome, his favourite spot was safely under the desk. He could hardly go out in the streets during the day, because he had never been outside the school gates before.

But he soon go comfy in his new surroundings!

Week 2 he was still nervous, and it took him a while to understand what toys where for. Especially when they looked like him!

Now after a while in fostercare he is learning that the streets are not too bad, even during the day. And he has got some sparks in his eyes, and LOVES to jump the home made indoor agility course ;)

Dennis is up for adoption and we are looking forward to see how he is going to get better and better by the day in his fosterhome environment! :)

-Maud Kristine-

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