Thursday, 7 October 2010

The metro-pack; 7.Okt, day 5

Today I was pleased with the sight that met me, all of them where laying in the shade. I was nervous that something had happened to them last night when they where gone. So my heart jumped a little when they were all there :)

It is pretty hot outside today, so they had dug themselves a "shelf" to lie on in the sand.

I do not know what the dogs where up to last night after dark, but something has happened, because the young female is limping on her right front leg, but still as trusting as usual. The mother of the pack was not behaving as usual, she was barking at something/someone in the distance every once in a while, and seemed agitated by something. But I sat down and read a magazine ("time out", They have written about having dogs in Hungary and Budadogs is the first organization he mentiones when talking about ways to get/help a dog :) ), and the mother calmed down with the rest of them after a while.

I kept my distance to the puppy today, I did not want to agitate the mother any more than necessary. Here are the last two pictures of the day before my battery went dead, to my great frustration!

-Maud Kristine-

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  1. BUDADOG thank you very much for atendesr our request for help for these dogs!
    My husband and I really appreciate it a lot, because we had a dog and killed a car and was very painful for us because we love dogs, and now we can not afford another dog, because we have no time to Antendo , so we wanted to help and advised
    thank you very much!
    very nice what they do!
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