Sunday, 24 October 2010

Henrik from budda hills

Amanda saw a dog that seemed lost about a week ago, and asked a "cafè" owner (he sells Langos) if he had seen the dog before. The salesman said he has been feeding the dog for over a month, and has never seen any sign of an owner and that he is walking around the shops all day long looking for food.

Today me and Amanda went to Normafa in Budda hills to take a look at the dog, and to take him to the veterinarian to check for a chip and hopefully an owner. He was scared of people, and the photos I managed to take was while Amanda fed him dryfood, after this he realized that we wanted to put a lead on him, and he was not too keen on it and walked away.

I got some hamburger from one of the little shops and had to jump him, grab him behind the ears and hold on! He was terrified, but I just had to think that it is better to scare him for 20 min then to loose him, and know that he will be homeless all winter. Amanda muzzled him and we got him into a crate in the car and down to Viktor (our veterinarian). There was no chip (as expected), he is about 35-40kg, 2-3 years old and very kind, calm and trusting even after what we put him trough. Henrik, as his new name is, got a chip, vaccinations, spot-on (against ticks, flees and other bugs) and dewormers.

Amanda and me drove him out to the doghotel where he met Dougal (Dougal is such a different and confident boy now!) and John (which Jani baci, the "hotel" owner, adores!). Henrik seemed to feel at home right away, walking around, sniffing the other dogs :)

To bad it got too dark to take any more photos, bacause as you can imagine it was kind of hard taking photos during the dog-catching :)

-Maud Kristine-

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  1. Could I add what an AMAZING job Maud did by grabbing him, and by hanging on to him while he was struggling and screaming - so much so that a rather unhelpful passer by stopped to ask if he was our dog, clearly thinking we were stealing him!