Friday, 15 October 2010

Kingsley in his new home

Kingsley is a pug who was smuggled illegally to Norway and was ment to be put down since he was too young to be in quarantine for a longer period of time, but we flew him back to Hungary, gave him all the vaccinations and tests needed to be brought in to Norway legally and he has now been adopted to a young couple in Norway.

Kingsley lives in northern Norway and arrived in september to his new "Mom" and "dad", I went to visit them this week, and he is as happy as a pug can be, running around showing off his new home.

Kingsley is attending a socialization class once a week, where dogs meet and greet, get positive experiences with the (sometimes) scary agility obsticles and other scary things, in controlled and safe surroundings. His owner Astrid says that Kingsley is fearless in the agility course, and he loves it!

Above: Kingsley and Astrid

Astrid and Tom Vidar tells me how easy and calm he is around other dogs when they are out for walks, how he always comes when called and how lovable he is.

When the first snow arrived this week, Kingsley went completely crazy! digging his head under the snow, absolutely loving it :)

We wish them all the best!

-Maud Kristine-

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