Friday, 8 October 2010

The metro-pack; 8.Okt, day 6

Today was a mess! As you might remember, my battery on my camera went dead yesterday, so of course I charged it, but when I arrived at the metro-pack site and wanted to take a photo of the dogs laying in the sun relaxing, the camera said "no SD card inserted"! I forgot it in my computer.. So no photos today, but otherwise the day went on as planned.

For a minute I thought they were all sick and/or poisoned, because they did not react to my whistling or the fact that I was approching them. But when I reached the waterbowl and filled it with 4 liters of fresh water they started to get up on their feet and walk towards me. Everyone exept for the old male of course, but even he does not walk away from me anymore, he just does not seem interested in me at all.

The older female behaved even wierder and more anxious than yesterday, at least for the first 5 minutes. She walked around barking at me and then to the same direction as yesterday.

The young female is more trusting than ever, she lets me stroke her chin and behind her ear while feeding her with the other hand, so it is of course not eniterly her idea of a good time, but she lets me, and I take that as a sign of trust.

The younger male made a huge leap of trust today by eating from my hand, and he kept close to me the entire time, instead of being 2-3 meters away observing.

After the first 5 minutes the old female came close to me and seemed to be more relaxed and ate from my hand, she has not done this in a couple of days, so this is good news! Her teeth looks like they are in a bad condition, and I am wondering if her sight/hearing is getting worse, and that might be the reason for (what appears to me to be) random barking out into nothing.

I did not go to see the puppy today either, but I could see from where I was sitting that he was moving around in his little burrow, fat as usual.

The dogs health seems alright, to be stray dogs. The young female and what is most likely her father is still limping. All the dogs have huge ticks on them all over, and they are so big now that they are starting to fall of them. We are really looking forward to getting them to the veterinarian and check them for pretty much everything.

The next update will hopfully be with photos :)

-Maud Kristine-

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