Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Darcy the white!

Yesterday Amanda was walking in the Buda hills close to where Hendrik had been found and came across another lone dog. He had been hanging around some school children on a field-trip for several hours, and appeared lost, also he had a wound on his side which appeared to need medical attention.

(Pictures above are taken at our veterinarian Viktor`s clinic)
Darcy was immediately very friendly happily allowing a leash to be put on and walking calmly along side Amanda and her own dog Winston. After about an hour of asking if anyone had been seen searching for a dog, and asking at the cafe Amanda contacted Budadogs to see if we could help him. We told her to take him to Viktor, our vet to check for a chip, but since none was found we had him chipped / vaccinated / de-wormed and treated against ticks and have placed him in kenneling where he can receive treatment for his wound.

(Pictures below are taken at our kennel (not dog hotel) where is is now)

We believe that Darcy may have been abandoned by owners unable to pay vets bills related to his wound, since he is clearly used to being handled, and even jumped into the car as soon as the door was opened, but we can not be sure. He is around 2 to 3 years old and 25 kilos.

We will now advertise him on a lost pets website just in case his owners are searching for him and if not will look for a new home for this beautiful boy.

-Amanda and Maud Kristine-

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  1. Beautyful dog - looks like a white shepherd dog - "hvit gjeterhund" eller hvit schäfer.