Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Metro pack news

We have been following the metro pack closely even though I have not been blogging too much about it.

Last week me and Hanne went out there to try to catch them, since they trust me alot we were a bit over confident and believed we would be able to at least catch 3 out of 4 dogs. There where several (7-9) people walking by while we where there. Some to yell at us for feeding them, "We have tried everything to get rid of the dogs", no wonder the dogs are limping from time to time. Other gave us the "thumbs up" and was happy that we wanted to save the dogs.

The result was that we could not catch any of the dogs, because they got scared and ran into the forest when a lady from the village came over and yelled at us, they have obviously not nice memories from earlier meetings with her.

Bad news: We thought the young female was pregnant.

Hanne has been there 3 times since last week and they have behaved like they have always done, running towards her when she whistled.

Today we went back to catch the young female only, because of our pregnancy suspicions. When we saw her we were amazed at how huge she is! And I am afraid she will give birth before we can catch them.

They where very spooked today, and we had to give up after a couple of hours. I do not know if it is the villagers that have scared them with something or if they are so stressed because of the young one being so close to giving birth, but we decided to hire a man from Budapest zoo to bring his dart-gun (if that is what it is called) and sedate them. This will be much less stressful and we can hopefully get the young female to the veterinarian and get her sterilized before it is too late. The zoo-man will help us this Friday.

After we catch the dogs (hopefully all, most likely 1 or 2 in the first try) we bring them to the vet and give them everything they need, then we take them to a kennel we use where the guy who runs it is very good with dogs and we are really looking forward to see how they behave in their new surroundings. Zsanett that we work with have done this many times before and she is confident in our metro pack, and so am I :)

Whish us luck!

-Maud Kristine-

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