Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kaia`s 6 month update :)

Kaia has lived with her adopters Per and Kristine in Norway for 6 months now, so here is a small update :)

Kaia is a happy, fun dog who is well behaved towards everyone and everything she meets, wether it walks on two or four legs. She was a bit reserved in the beginning, but now Kaia is feeling quite at home. She loves playing with her best friend, the Irish Setter neighbor and she also enjoys her daily long walks .

Kaias favourite thing in the world (exept for food) is joining her family up in the mountains, where the x-street dog shows her hunting potential mostly on Norway Lemmings and water Voles (Norwegian: Lemmen og Jordrotter) which she loves to chase!

Kaia`s new family loves her very much and enjoys every day with her. We look forward to more updates :)
-Maud Kristine-

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