Friday, 5 November 2010

Finally! Metro siblings are safe.

Today I can finally write about some progress!

09.00 May Helen and I met with a guy who works in the zoo and has lots of experience with sedating wild animals, and dogs. He had an assistant with him as well. His tool was a blowgun/blow pipe where he had a syringe with the sedative in it.

The pack was not in their usual site so we went in to the little forest where I have seen them before. They where not there....

May Helen and I took a walk to the other side of the forest where Hanne and I spotted the young male on wednesday, but no luck there either. My mood was defenitly not the best when I had to call Anouska and Viktor(the veterinarian and translater) to say that I would have to tell the guy to go back home.
When I walked back to the car the assistant showed me in sign "language" that they had darted the young female! I was so happy I started crying :):) and the whole pack was there all calm like nothing had happened.

We waited 5 minuts for the sedative to take effect, and then "G.I Joe"(the zoo guy) told me to whistle for the young male and give him some food so he would come close enough to hit him with the dart. The young male came trotting towards me and was only 2 meters away from "G.I Joe" when he got the dart in his behind. He started screaming and ran into the forest, and the older male and female followed him.

I ran after them, because it was very important that we found him before he was totally sedated, and became very difficult to find, while the rest carried the young female into the car.

I found him sleeping far into the forest, and the two older dogs where long gone. "G.I Joe" and May Helen brought the cars to where I was and we carried the male into the car and drove off to Viktor the vet.

Toby and Pheobe as I have named them got Vaccination against pretty much everything, including rabies, they got blood tested, de-wormed, treated against ticks and lice, micro chipped, got collars on and also a shot against Babesia, since they where crawling of ticks!

We drove them to the kennel where Toby was settled in with a female and Phoebe got her own room with lots of cosy blankets.

Me and Anouska are going there tomorrow to check on them and to bring Imelda`s puppies to the veterinarian to get their shots and to bring them out to the dog hotel :)

Sorry to say that this is another metro pack update without any new pictures, but I will definitely try to take some next time, when we take the "mom" and "dad" of the pack away from the site :)

-Maud Kristine-

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  1. You lot is simply the best- I am so happy you got hold of the pregnant female and the hurt male. Looking forward to more news and pictures :o)