Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Alvin the abused

Alvin was found roaming the village with a string of some sort was grown into the skin around his neck. Someone has probably put the string there when he was a puppy and left it there.

Alvin is about 2 years old, and a very happy, loving boy and has a fosterhome through Budadogs now :)

His wound is much better already and does not seem to hinder him at all in being happy and playing with other dogs.

According to the people living in the village he has been walking around there for about a year.

Here are some videos of him:

-Maud Kristine-

Kaspers new home

Kasper came to his new family in Norway in January 2010, and quickly settled down in his new home.

He loves to be outside in the winter as well as summer, and his new home and garden makes this possible.

He has put on some weight and is now a big boy of 44 kg and growing!
He now eats dogfood instead of shoes ;)

Kasper is not the toughest dog around, but when he has done something once he is never afraid of doing it the again. He was quite scared of kids, and probably had never delt with any, but now he is okay with being around them.

His adopters love him to bits, and is very happy to have Kasper as their companion.

We wish them a long and happy future together, and look forward to more updates :)

-Maud Kristine-

Monday, 27 September 2010

The blind Pekingese; Isaac

Our friend from Heves went to her veterinarian with some dogs and cats, when he told her about Isaac.

Isaac`s eye had popped out, so he was taken in for surgery to remove it completely. When the surgery was done they realized that poor Isaac was blind on the one eye he has left.

The owner the left his dog there to be euthanized. But lucky for Isaac the veterinarian did not have the heart to put him to sleep.

He is now going into fostering as a proud member of our Budadog pack, to show the world that he deserves to live even if he is blind :)

Isaac is only 1 year old and is such a loving dog, so we are happy to give him a second chance.

-Maud Kristine-

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Dog hotel

We have built our own doghotel in a garden outside Budapest, where we pay the couple who owns it to take care of our dogs.
We use the hotel for dogs in need of fostering or if they need some time before he/she is ready to live with people in a fosterhome (very fearful dogs often needs some pack mentality to help them along). We also use it as temporary accomodation during summer, easter and christmas.

We went out to our Dog hotel last weekend, and the dogs love it there! It is so great to see how the dogs rehabilitate eachother in a pack.

Suki, our newest addition, loves to be able to run around with the other puppies, and get much needed social skills from the older dogs. Her and the other dogs enjoys the paddling pools we have left for them for the hot days.

The couple who runs the Budadog hotel are great with our dogs, and they give them walks and let the dogs run loose in the garden a couple of hours each day.

Dougal (above) was with a family, but was still so shy after a couple of weeks that we decided to bring him out to the Doghotel and now he loves to get attention, and has seen the other dogs play and cuddle with people and realized that we are not all that bad :)

-Maud Kristine-

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lisa in her new home

Lisa has been in her new home in Norway for a year now, and thriving!
She has buildt some muscles so she is no longer our little stalky girl, but grown into quite the lady :)

Lisa`s "mom" takes Lisa and her companion Tyson out for a hike every day, and they have a fenced-in garden that they can run around in the rest of the day.

Lisa can run around off the leash almost everywhere, and she always comes when called. Her "mom" is so happy with her little Lisa, that she might just get another Budadog some day ;) (we hope)

Lisa`s owner has a studio at home so both Lisa and Tyson comes to work with her every day, and they even get to sleep in her bed, Lisa prefers to lie under the covers with her :)
Her owner tells us that Lisa follows her around constantly, and everyone falls in love with her little Budadog :) she spreads joy wherever she goes!

We are so happy for them both!

-Maud Kristine-

Monday, 6 September 2010

Tegwen from Illatos

Eve and Maud went to Illatos yesterday to get a German Shepard mix, that we have named Tegwen, out of Illatos kennel. On the illatos website it said that she was a 5 year old female and very shy, her age can`t be much more than 3 years old, but they were right about her being timid. Tegwen (nickname "penguin") hid as best as she could in the small kennel, and crawled along the ground when the worker walked her to the office to get her chipped. But already at the office, Tegwen showed us that she wants to trust people, when she crawled over to the office lady for some attention.

When we got back to Budapest, Anouska, Maud and Tegwen drove out to Monor to check on our Dog hotel there and Tegwen was very curious out in the garden and Maud got some great photos of her strutting around.

-Maud Kristine-