Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lisa in her new home

Lisa has been in her new home in Norway for a year now, and thriving!
She has buildt some muscles so she is no longer our little stalky girl, but grown into quite the lady :)

Lisa`s "mom" takes Lisa and her companion Tyson out for a hike every day, and they have a fenced-in garden that they can run around in the rest of the day.

Lisa can run around off the leash almost everywhere, and she always comes when called. Her "mom" is so happy with her little Lisa, that she might just get another Budadog some day ;) (we hope)

Lisa`s owner has a studio at home so both Lisa and Tyson comes to work with her every day, and they even get to sleep in her bed, Lisa prefers to lie under the covers with her :)
Her owner tells us that Lisa follows her around constantly, and everyone falls in love with her little Budadog :) she spreads joy wherever she goes!

We are so happy for them both!

-Maud Kristine-

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