Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Dog hotel

We have built our own doghotel in a garden outside Budapest, where we pay the couple who owns it to take care of our dogs.
We use the hotel for dogs in need of fostering or if they need some time before he/she is ready to live with people in a fosterhome (very fearful dogs often needs some pack mentality to help them along). We also use it as temporary accomodation during summer, easter and christmas.

We went out to our Dog hotel last weekend, and the dogs love it there! It is so great to see how the dogs rehabilitate eachother in a pack.

Suki, our newest addition, loves to be able to run around with the other puppies, and get much needed social skills from the older dogs. Her and the other dogs enjoys the paddling pools we have left for them for the hot days.

The couple who runs the Budadog hotel are great with our dogs, and they give them walks and let the dogs run loose in the garden a couple of hours each day.

Dougal (above) was with a family, but was still so shy after a couple of weeks that we decided to bring him out to the Doghotel and now he loves to get attention, and has seen the other dogs play and cuddle with people and realized that we are not all that bad :)

-Maud Kristine-

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