Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Travelling Willbury`s

Buddi :)
Bill now..
Lars and Bill.. then...
Hugo-happy-boy :)

The last of the "4 musketeers" travelled to new homes yesterday, Hugo and Bill. Along for the ride (flight:) was Mr.T aka Buddi who went to his lovely new family in Finnskogen. Buddi lived at kennels for a long time with Fàni before they came to Budadogs. Fàni went to Norway a few weeks ago and coincidentally she and Buddi have been adopted to the same area and their owners actually know eachother! So now they will be happily reunited in the Norwegian woodlands from time to time :)

Bill and Hugo have been adopted together which is really lovely. They have spent the last 3 months together in Dunakezsi and its so great that they get to spend their lives together after becoming such good friends. Bill (the laid back half of "Lars and Bill") has grown into a handsome young man and both he and Hugo weigh in at an identical 10.3 kg! :) So now there are no more 4 musketeers at kennels which I`m sure makes it quite empty but I also assume it is rather quiet and blissfull aswell :)

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