Friday, 9 October 2009

Dexi sorely needs a fosterhome

Info about Dexi from the organisation he came from:

"Dexi was found as a puppy (about 2 months old) with his 7 siblings on a rubbish heap outside of the town and I was taking care of him for 2 years. He was living with my 2 own dogs (a male and a female) and with the other dogs whom I was fostering during the 2 years. He has learned to be social with other dogs and learned the basic rules a dog should keep. He knows that there are others arround him so he has to be patient and wait for his turn (he was like Seb at the beginning, silly and very energetic thinking that the world is spinning arround him :). He has learned to sit for instruction and he has learned to be patient if I forbid him something. After all he is a disciplined dog. He is a bit afraid of people which means that starts barking them from a long distance (it only happened when he was in his well known place, in my garden and somebody came to visit me). Otherwise, on the street or at places which are not his usual living places he is simple withdrawn and needs a few minute to relax a bit. Then he lets himself even to be stroked (he does not get completely relaxed but you can start making him friends). He is mistrustful with unknown people but never agressive. He likes chasing cats but not with agression. His way of playing with smaller ones is not very gentle :) but he approaches with good intention. According to my experinces with dogs there are 2 reasons for a dog being so frightened: one is maltreatment and the other one is genetic. Among the 8 siblings a lot of them were natured like Dexi (one of them was much worse than him) but there were 2 or 3 who were open to people without fears. Thats all I can tell about him but if you have questions or I missed something please let me know. I really hope that you can find a foster home for him because he is quiet scarred at the kennel. He is let out to the court during the day because inside his crate he gets introverted."

We really would like a nice fosterhome for Dexi now so that he can start his new life!

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