Friday, 16 October 2009

Fostering makes our wheels go round :)

Taffy :)

At the moment we have 30 dogs in fostering :)

Yesterday Dexi and Buster went into fosterhomes which we are really happy about. Dexi sorely needed someone to give him the attention he so dearly deserves.

Additionally Speedy is still for rehoming due to her adopter changing their mind. She is also in need of fostering because she wasn`t getting no with fostermums friends fosterdog, Ellie. It`s apparantly odd because Ellie (Elvira) seems to be the only dog she really doesn`t like. Obviously also very unfortunate because that means she needs a new fosterhome.

The dogs currently in need of fosterhomes are:
1 year 8 month old happy boy! Loves other dogs and also likes cats:)

Sweet, cuddly, devoted girl. 1-2 years old. Was seen wandering the streets for ages on her own until she finally was taken in. They think someone moved and left her there.

7 year old furry boy. Intelligent, happy. Has had a good life but owner wanted to put him to sleep because it was too much to have a child and a dog.

Her owner died and family wanted to put her to sleep so called the dog catcher. Has lived a somewhat sheltered life in a garden. She was briefly considered adopted by a med. student but he changed his mind. She was in fostering but doesn`t like fostermums friends fosterdog which was a shame. She has gone out to kennels now but was getting on really well in fostering so I hope someone wants to take her :) She`s a funny little girl with lots of personality.

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