Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rest in Peace Foxy

Foxy before and after Zsanett found her.

Something terribly sad happened a week ago. A female dog, Foxy, who had lived her life on a chain and had endless litters of puppies was finally given up by her owner about 3 weeks ago and was to be transported to our kennels and go into Budadogs care. However she could not be transported for a while so Zsanett fed her regularly and dewormed her "on site" until she could travel. As the photo`s show she made a great recovery only over those few weeks.

A few days ago Zsanett went to collect Foxy to finally bring her to us, but she wasn`t there. The Gipsy family told her ever so coldly that they had given her to the dog-catcher and she had been euthanised a week earlier. Even when they knew we were coming for her they didn`t care.. it was almost like they did it in spite...

They had bought a new dog and put it on Foxy`s chain..

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