Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dogs in need of fostering

Dexi. Dexi (behind Fredrik) is a 2 year old small male sandy coloured mix. He has been living in a garden since he was a puppy. He was found on a rubbish dump with his littermates at 8 weeks old. Dexi is a kind but shy and frightened dog and needs a nice fosterhome where he can come out of his shell :) He would benefit from a fosterhome with other dogs:)
Eddie. Eddie is a 3 month old little male mix. He is a hit-and-run case and has a fractured forelimb that will be operated. Eddie`s a cool little dude :)
Speedy is a small husky-like female. Her owner died and the owners relatives gave her to the dog-catcher in Heves to be put to sleep, so we took her. She is a kind, sweet girl in need of fostering! :)
Tarzan. Tarzan is a 7 year old beautiful male Puli mix. He was sendt to the dogcatcher in Heves for euthanasia because his owner had a child 2 years ago and the child is now so active the mother wanted to get rid of the dog. Tarzan is a kind, loving and tolerant boy in need of fostering :)

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