Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday never day of rest part 3 - The Return of Russel!

Russel - happy to be back?

Konrad - Happy to see his bff!!

Russel went missing yesterday and after hours of searching and the girls handing out flyers there was nothing left to do but wait for him to show up and hope that someone found it in their heart to take the poor boy in. Thankfully someone did. An old lady had seen him lying under a car last night and she had also seen one of our flyers. She told a passer by about the dog and he coaxed him out and took him home. This morning he rang his veterinarian who again contacted our vet Viktor (Viktor had called in an S.O.S to the Budapest clinics informing them there was a lost dog) and Russel was back safe and sound this afternoone!

Important info:
If anyone is interested in leash-handling-courses Louise will be offering them on a voluntary basis at uni. (private sessions can also be arranged ;p)

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