Friday, 6 November 2009

Puppies in urgent need of fostering/adoption!

Two new puppies arrived into our care today, Siblings Finbeck and Fia. The pups are 6-7 weeks old, fluffy dachshound/spaniel mixes. They are unbelievably adorable, sweet and outgoing babies with a very original look! :) Currently they are being kept in an outdoor kennel but it is too cold for them and so we really hope someone can take them into fostering a.s.a.p! Caroline has taken them to the vet now for vaccines and antiparasitic treatment as they are typically distended with worms and the soft fluffy fur hides very thin little bodies. Finbeck is the male, lighter colour, Fia is the smaller, darker female. Both are outgoing and balanced babies :)

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  1. Is this in Norway?
    I could foster one of them during the cold winter months. My family used to have both Dachs and Cocker Spaniel so a mix should not be a problem, since I have experience. I can also bring the puppy with me to the office, so it will never be alone.

    Please contact me at: