Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Season Greetings :)

As is probably quite obvious, Exams/Organization-of-doggies-for-holiday-accomodation does not make for good blogging time. So much is happening, so many rehomed dogs, so many new dogs I`d love to share it with everyone here but there are truly not enough hours in the day at the moment for any of us... Caroline has set her well oiled machinery into a gear I didn`t even know existed and has organized 30 dogs into kenneling in two days!!

I really want to thank everyone for a wonderful year with Budadogs! The support and positive attitude of fosterparents and adoptive parents alike has made the project truly come alive and it`s so great that we, together, now manage to make a difference in the lives of so many animals!

The fact that we now focus primarily on dogs in immediate danger of euthanasia has made it even more worthwhile and we have learned and grown so much this past year. Out of 103 dogs rehomed, 5 have been returned which we think is a pretty good percentage of success so far :) It just goes to show how important the fostering program is and how focus on "right owner for right dog" is not to be underestimated.

The Szent Istvan Blood Donor program is recently up and running in the proficient hands of 4th year students Hanne Christiansen and Thea Sibbern Sørensen (please contact them for more information on how you can help the program by your dog or cat donating blood. (

We are also planning a donation program aimed at more frequent rotation of university dogs, so next year will be very exciting :)

But for now I just want to wish everyone the absolute best for Christmas and New Year and Good Luck with exams to all students!

Anouska :)

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