Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back to Buda!2010

Hi everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

and I returned to Budapest 03.01 and hectic times continue. We have had 30 dogs in kennels and x amount in care over the holiday season amounting to 48 in total. I would really like to thank everyone who volunteered to take dogs over the vacation! It has truly been a great help and the amount of dogs has been huge with twice as many dogs as last year and we could not have done it without the great help and hard work of our volunteers! A special thanks to Nora who, as always, is a star! She is doing a great job at also finding new homes in Hungary for our dogs and her Hungarian language skills are invaluable! Additionally she has adopted one dog, is fostering one dog and looked after 3 dogs over the holidays!

Now we have quite abit of work ahead of us with taking dogs from kennels and back to their respective fostercarers. The dogs have coped very well. Puppies have been living indoors with the kennel owners familiy and pets. Doggie friends have been staying together in pens and "special-care" doggies, feks Andrè-the-greyhound, has been living in a heated indoor room due to his leg and also his breed being predisposed to hypothermia(someone`s been studying their animal breeding ;p).

Baba travelled to Norway before Christmas and has been staying with Eve. He is going to his new familiy in February. Sebastian finally arrived to his new familiy in December and is living it up on the Norwegian west-coast with his new best friend, Quizz the Ridgeback.

We also have several dogs that are only weeks away from going to their final destinations which is very exciting. :)

All this in mind we still have exams until February 5th so time is of the essence, as usual.

We are looking forward to a prosperous Budadog year with as many rescues as we can possibly manage!

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