Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The arrival of Smugle pups!

J.D - thoroughly happy the flight is over!

Zoè (left)and Snowflake

Wanna get outta here?

3 puppies confiscated by the Police in Kristiansand, Norway arrived yesterday from Oslo to us in Budapest with Lily, there are 2 maltese and a pug. We named the female maltese pup Zoè, the male Snowflake and the puglet apropriately - J.D(cuz he looks like him;).

Zoè and J.D are in good form although J.D is underweight for a puglet. They are so young poor babies, between 2 and 3 months old. Snowflake is not well and is undergoing medical treatment. He is only half the size of Zoè and there seems to be a defect with his jaw and possibly airways. We will know more soon, but hopefully it is not serious.

The pups will remain in our care for 6 months, undergoing all the necessary vaccinations and bloodtesting and will be adopted to Norway in a proper fashion. It is such an ordeal that dogsmuglers put these dogs through; to breed and transport them illegally at such a young age. Then the dogs are confiscated by the authorities and put in kennels and the only other option to us taking them is to put them to sleep. It is such a tragedy and so unbelievably heartless of the people involved in this dirty business.

J.D and Snowflake have gone into fostering, but we are still looking for a fosterhome for Zoè. She is an outgoing, happy, beautiful young maltese baby.

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