Monday, 22 February 2010

Foster - dogs

We have many new dogs for this semester and several that need fostering so anyone interested please email me :)

Molly - 6 month old female, stocky, powerful girl. Adorable, funny, happy and playful. Loves other dogs.

Bobby - is a male medium/big Puli mix. He is really happy, loving and cool - abit difficult with other males. 3 years.

Axel - is a big german sheperd. Very loving, energetic. Needs someone who has experience.

Lita - is a small fox-terrier mix female. Very intelligent and calm. 2 years.

Luna - is a setter mix female. Very calm, grateful, sweet natured girl. 4 years.

Chilli - is a 9 month old little boy. Very soft, loving, happy - energetic. Would benefit from fosterhome with other dogs.

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