Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Puglet all grown up!?

Kingsley - the artist formerly known as J.D. is growing fast. Not long ago he was a skinny little Smugle Puglet, illegally smuggled into Norway from Hungary and only days from being put to sleep by the norwegian authorities due import rules. He arrived back in Budapest with Ditt Dyr magazine`s Lily kalvø, non the wiser really, happy to have a warm lap and someone to cover with wet little Puglet kisses. Now in the loving arms of fostermum Christine he is growing into something of a gentleman it seems :)

"Kingsley may be quite the little man in the house but is not shy about his overpowering personality! He's growing at a very steady rate, getting bigger by the day. He enjoys playing with my dogs, with dogs at the park, and also alone - he can entertain himself for hours! Kingsley is such a smart puppy - learning commands very quickly and within hours with a lot of hard work and repetition. Right now he answers very quickly to his name, and can sit, high-five, fetch, and speak on command. He sits nicely for treats after coming in for a walk and understands that he is not supposed to jump up when he receives his treat. He does very well on a leash when he is by himself but gets a bit playful when he is in a group of dogs walking with him. :) He is nearly house-trained, and will oftentimes use puppy pads while he is inside the home or left alone. Kingsley is a very alert, inquisitive, courageous, and an incredibly adorable guy! (Not to mention that he is quite the trouble-maker when he steals shoes & socks and runs when he is caught!) He has won over the hearts of many people, and would easily adapt into any home."

NB! Kingsley is for adoption, I just have had trouble uploading his photo onto the website for some reason :)

Kingsley! May you continue to bring smiles and joy with your flat little face and big, sloppy tongue! Ur my favourite Puglet!

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  1. Hi is Kingsley still up for adoption. We are looking for a friend for our pugmix. She is 11 months old, and is a mix of pug and tibetian spaniel. We live in Tønsberg in Norway. Kingsley sounds just like our Bailey, they are alike in a lot of ways. I am home alot during the day, some days i'm home all day. My pugmix is doing very well on her own, but i see how much she enjoys beeing with other dogs, especially other pugs, who can keep up with her. You can contact me on my mail adress if Kingsley still needs a loving home. Best Regards Mia Sørensen