Saturday, 9 April 2011

Angie... little Angel

Angie at the site where she had been abandoned

Angie became a Budadog today. She was found tied to a chain alone, left to starve to death. The malnourishment and helplessness is more than apparent and I am speechless and appalled.
I surrender myself to the truth in the saying of a picture speaking a thousand words....

The approach of strangers was obviously traumatic

no food... no water... no people.... nothing

Tied up and helpless... Angie wasn`t even given a chance to fend for herself....

Carefully saying Hello

Angie was immediately taken off the chain and into safety

Her eyes speak of distrust but also hope...

with a mild and forgiving expression

Angie begins to explore the first hours of her new life

Quite soon this girl will be unrecognizable... And she will have forgotten the hunger, fear and agony which once was inflicted upon her... Their ability to live in the present is one of the magical aspects of our work. And any time I doubt the purpose or fruitfulness of our endeavours I need only glance into the eyes of a girl like Angie... and it all makes a bit more sense.

She is a quiet, but sweet girl and we can`t wait to help her get her strength and vitality back, teaching her that life can be good and filled with love.



  1. rørende historie som er vakkert skrevet!

  2. Angie is now a happy, little Angel, living in Norway. A few weeks ago we had to decrease her food portions as she was getting a bit fat :)
    Love from Runa, Pius, Zoli and her new, happy Mum, Anne Helen.