Friday, 16 September 2011

City Boy in bad shape

This poor boy was found yesterday by students near Nyugati railway station in Budapest. He had been observed by several students from whom we received phone-calls and it was obvious he was in great distress. Eventually he was tethered by visiting tourists and our class-mate Nina collected him and took him home for the night.

As is obvious from the photo`s this poor boy is not in good shape at the moment. We will keep everyone updated on his progress.

He may also have an owner so anyone in Budapest, please keep your eyes open for posters etc.


  1. he went to see the vet today and there was no internal damages :)

  2. Poor thing. Hope he is doing better now.:)

  3. Poor dog ! så very good he was found of your team and get treetment he needed so badly. I hope he will be a glad boy again,forget the bad time og getting a good life from now on. MvH fra Anke

  4. This is exactly the typ of dog my friend in Oslo are looking for! She Is a wery kind hearted . Singel mom to a teenager son. She locked afther , a big hunt retriver. And she miss that type of a dog, I think she preferes an adolt maile. She could, but not anymore take her dog whith here to work. A gallery, other than that I think they wil be together.. I have "all time in the world", so I would like that "eventure" it would be to go down and "collect" him!!! But I know that is a long way ahed ... But If you have "a soul" you think can fit here... I know she is ready! (The reason, why Im interfearing, Is that I last friday called her, told here they are now about to put down a healthy dog, in my home town. Could you be interested? And she just thanked me so much. She said she had been locking , (This dog was put down...) So She didn´t get him... . From Norway ps i forgot to tell you that she lives in a flat.but its sorrunded by a big lown.andi know she's very the dog will always be taken care of,. the dog will get walked every day