Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Budadogs - stray mum and puppies

Last week one of our adopters who lives in the countryside contacted us about a stray female she has seen often now having given birth. Mum was very protective of her babies so we decided the best option was to feed her on sight until she allowed someone to come closer. A few days later one of her pups got trapped under a log and had to be rescued by our friend. The day after the pup was stuck again. Having been in physical contact with mum and pup she decided it was safe to relocate them to her own garden.

Mum and pups are fine but mum has discarded one of the pups which is now being hand-reared.

Mum is a small black mix, aprox 2-3 years old. Pups are aprox 3 weeks old. When they are old enough we are looking for someone to adopt/foster them and mum will also need fostering. I will keep you updated on their development on the blog :)

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